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Kandle announces 'Holy Smoke' and debuts 'Child of Fate'

Kandle has all kinds of great new stuff for you to check out.  She's just announced her new album entitled Holy Smoke, and released the new single 'Child of Fate'.  The album is out September 28th, and will include a handful of tracks from the Damned If I Do EP including the huge track 'When My Body Breaks'.  'Child of Fate' fits right in with this ominous, dark, yet beautiful music, and yet it stands out in her catalogue.  She does something with her voice we've never heard before, and manages to stretch the very idea of the guitar solo into something wild and unpredictable.  The same words could be used to describe her music in a general sense.  We can't wait for Holy Smoke, and whatever else she comes up with like her recent appearance in Jack White's video for 'Corporation'.

Preorder Holy Smoke here and check out Damned If I Do here!

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Kandle presents 'Damned If I Do'

Kandle has just released her new EP Damned If I Do, and it's definitely been worth the wait.  The singles 'When My Body Breaks' with Peter from July Talk, and 'Bender' led the way, and the 5 track EP was just released today.  Kandle's enchanting voice stands out in the world of modern music, something beautiful and bright shining in the darkness.  The same could be said of her songs, wonderfully written, but with an ominous edge.  Take a listen to Damned If I Do below, and check out the video for 'Bender'



Kandle presents 'Bender'

Kandle's music has always felt like a light in the darkness, but that takes on a whole new level in the new song 'Bender'.  If the title makes you think this will be a party jam about drinking and drugs, you'll find in fact it's quite the opposite.  This song is about a forced reliance on medication, and the toll it can take on the body and the mind.  The video is visually reminiscent of a classic horror film, and feels like the tiniest glimpse at how it must feel to dance on the edge of hysteria.  Kandle performs some kind of alchemy, taking the pain and transforming it into something powerful.  'Bender' is directed by Kat Webber, produced by John Agnello, and features Sam Goldberg.  Watch it below and be sure to get Damned If I Do on May 11.



Kandle: 'When My Body Breaks'

We knew there was new music in the works from Kandle, but we weren't ready for this.  'When My Body Breaks' was released earlier today and it's a stunning return from one of the most enchanting voices in music.  'When My Body Breaks' also features and incredible lineup of guest musicians, but it's certainly best described by Kandle herself:

"When My Body Breaks is a somber drifters tale written on the road. A verse on a stormy highway, a chorus in a neon lit super 8 between towns, a bridge in a dive bar waiting to play for 50 bucks and a drink ticket. From an anxious kid with a strange name moving from town to town, to a grown, wandering nomad - serenading strangers in search of the home I’ve never found, there’s an underlying haze of beauty in solitude."

The unmistakeable voice of July Talk's Peter Dreimanis is a perfect compliment to Kandle's.  They're joined by frequent collaborator Sam Goldberg of Broken Social Scene and drummer Josh Trager of the Sam Roberts band. 

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Kandle - Baby (Guest vocals by Cœur de pirate) [Official video]

 This video came out a good while ago (2014), but we spaced on posting it so here we are. Kandle is a gloriously talented artist who we will follow with great enthusiasm for the entirety of her career. She makes genuinely passionate and sometimes heartbreaking music (in the best way). Check this out:

Kandle - Baby (Guest vocals by Cœur de pirate... by daretocarerecords

photo via Caroline Royer