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Jonti - Sleeping and Falling

 The super creator Jonti has done it again, flipping the script and making something completely new and unorthodox, while at the same time being extremely comforting and easy to love.

Jonti has always been a musician/artist who can create a fine balance between unknown and the things we love. This is a perfect example.


Jonti Reworks the sounds of the Sydney Opera House

Jonti's latest comes from Remix the House 2017, a project conceived at the VividLIVE festival in 2015.  It involves a number of artists remixing musical sounds and atmospheric noises taken from field recordings at the Sydney Opera House.  The field recordings were taken by Dro Carey and Seekae, and the list of remixers also includes Charles Murdoch.  Jonti will also be performing at the Sydney Opera House as part of The Avalanches Since I Left You block party.


Jonti ft. Steve Lacy: 'Scrood' on Future Classic/Stones Throw

Jonti's new track immediately reminds us of the hazy memories of summertime.  The ones that begin to blur and fade too fast.  This track is the first Jonti has released since signing with Future Classic, co-released by Stones Throw Records.  'Scrood' is a collaboration with Steve Lacy, and came from late night sessions and was named by Lacy.  Jonti describes it best:

“Envisioned a story to go with it of a man walking through a burning city to get to this person he loves. Which is a metaphor, saying that even though it feels like the world is falling apart, I’m still going to try do my best and soldier forward with love.”

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Bad Bad Not Good & Jonti: 'God Only Knows'

Triple J's Like A Version continues to put some of the greatest acts of our time in their studio to perform their own hits and their favourite covers.  This time around the band is Bad Bad Not Good, and special guest Jonti.  They've taken on the classic Beach Boys song 'God Only Knows', as only they can...



Stones Throw Mini Documentary 

Take a brief look inside Stones Throw, the forward thinking record label started in 1996 by none other than Peanut Butter Wolf.  This very well put together mini doc starts at the start with PBW's original group consisting of himself and Charzima, and brings us all the way to present day with a very inspiring look at a newer artist, Jonti.  Enjoy.