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New from Wilco! Listen to "Love is Everywhere (Beware)" Now!


One of our all time favorite bands is back with a wonderful new single and an album on the way! Wilco makes such incredible music, and "Love is Everywhere (Beware)" is another masterpiece to add to the list of so many.


Thanks Wilco! We can't wait to see this one live!


"Love is Everywhere (Beware)" is the first single from the forthcoming release. Receive it instantly with any preorder via https://wilcoworld.net/otj/ Wilco will tour North America and Europe in support of Ode to Joy for details and tickets: wilcoworld.net/shows

Photo of the day: Wilco at TURF 2015

Jeff Tweedy and Glenn Kotche of Wilco, live at TURF 2015.  See more photos, and read the review here.


VIDEO: Tweedy 'Low Key'

Tweedy is the collaborative effort of Jeff Tweedy and his son Spencer.  The famed Wilco founder has crafted a new band, and new take on the unique songwriting talent he's taken from Uncle Tupelo, to Wilco and beyond.  Tweedy performed for a captive audience this summer at Toronto's T.U.R.F. festival and now that sound has a brilliant vision to go along with it.  The multi-talented Nick Offerman directed this video, a send up of the modern music industry and the challenges that both big labels and independent artists face in making money.  It features an all star cast of cameos including Conan O'Brien, Andy Richter, and is that Chance the Rapper?  Some of the guests appear for only a moment, so try to keep up.

The clip shows Offerman's off beat sense of humour, and a natural talent for filmmaking, as well as Tweedy's collective sense of humour.  This is one weird clip, and it's made us incredibly happy since the first time we saw it...


Photo of the day: Jeff Tweedy


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