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James Blake ft. Rosalía: 'Barefoot In The Park' 

James Blake has released a brand new video from his album Assume Form.  It's a record full of outstanding collaborations, and this track just might be the coolest of them all.  Rosalía joins Blake for the track 'Barefoot In The Park', directed by Diana Kunst and Mau Morgó.  If you're familiar with this song you'll be just as excited as we were for the highly creative, emotionally moving visual.  If this is your introduction to the track, you should count yourself lucky.  Rosalía has also just released the video for 'Con Altura', and it proves that she's a star on the rise; check it out here and watch the video for 'Barefoot In The Park' below!


Jay Rock, Kendrick Lamar, Future & James Blake: 'King's Dead'

Black Panther is out in theatres, and it's about to have a huge opening weekend.  Part of the excitement around this movie comes from the soundtrack, it's an all star affair from Kendrick Lamar and the Top Dawg family along with some really cool special guests.  I mean, where else can you find Jay Rock, Kendrick Lamar, Future and James Blake on the same track?  Only 'King's Dead' from the official Black Panther soundtrack.  The video is directed by Dave Free (the little homies) and Jack Begert.  Check out the movie this weekend, and get the soundtrack here!


James Blake Performs 'Vincent'

Don McLean's 1971 song 'Vincent' is a bittersweet tribute to Vincent Van Gogh.  McLean was inspired after reading a book about the life of the artist, and the song has just been revisited by one of the most inspiring artists of our time.  This video captures James Blake performing 'Vincent' live in the studio, and gives new life to a beautiful song about a legendary artist.

James Blake 'Vincent' from James Blake on Vimeo.

'Vincent' described in McLean's own words: "In the autumn of 1970 I had a job singing in the school system, playing my guitar in classrooms. I was sitting on the veranda one morning, reading a biography of Van Gogh, and suddenly I knew I had to write a song arguing that he wasn’t crazy. He had an illness and so did his brother Theo. This makes it different, in my mind, to the garden variety of 'crazy’ – because he was rejected by a woman [as was commonly thought]. So I sat down with a print of Starry Night and wrote the lyrics out on a paper bag."

Hear the Don McLean's original version of 'Vincent' here


VIDEO: Mount Kimbie ft. James Blake 'We Go Home Together'

Mount Kimbie and James Blake have collaborated several times before, from joining the live act on tour, to guest djing their Boiler Room event to remixing 'Maybes' these two acts seem to have an effect on each other that inspires continually innovative music.  This time around they've released a single together, the brand new song 'We Go Home Together' along with the wildly unpredictable video. 

Click here to buy/stream 'We Go Home Together' whereever you get your music


VIDEO: James Blake 'My Willing Heart'

James Blake has taken one of the most beautiful songs from his album 'The Colour In Anything' and entrusted it to director Anna Rose Holmer for the creation of this video.  The video stars Natalie Portman, while pregnant with her daughter Amalia.  If you haven't yet, get 'My Willing Heart' here...