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VIDEO: JACK Ü & Kai 'Mind'

Skrillex and Diplo released the latest Jack Ü video to celebrate the one year anniversary of the album.  The track is one of the biggest on the record, 'Mind' the duet with Skrillex & Kai.  The video is comprised of footage from countless shows over the last year, and the adventures in between.  It features appearances by some of the other artists that performed with them along the way.  This is the closest you can get to reliving the Full Flex Express shows.  The video is a masterpiece. It's directed by Liam Underwood, and you should definitely check out more of his work.


Photo of the day: Jack Ü + Kai at the Full Flex Express Toronto


5 Reasons To Catch The Full Flex Express While You Can


There's four dates left on the Full Flex Express tour, Winnipeg, Calgary, Saskatoon, and a final stop at the legendary Pemberton Festival.  We HIGHLY recommend you experience this one of a kind event while you still can.  Here's 5 reasons you should...


5.  'Take Ü There': To kick off their set in Toronto, Jack Ü was joined onstage by Kiesza and her dancers to start things off in a very big way.  Their energetic performance and dynamic light show and videos combine for an experience near sensory overload.


4.  The Visual Elements: At Echo Beach the stage felt close no matter where you were.  The light show gradually intensified as the night went on, and the visuals on the screens at the back of the stage and on the dj booth varied for each performer and in some cases from song to song.  Our personal favourites were the endless galaxies it felt like we were travelling through as Jack Ü performed.


3.  The Crowd: We were so happy to see people of all ages and levels of interest in the music coming together for a great time.  Overhearing veteran ravers explaining the concepts behind PLUR and the kandi they wore and traded with new and old friends.  Beyond that, meeting a few parents excited to take their teenaged kids to their first big concert reminded us that music really is such a vital, and inclusive part of the human experience in a way that few other things can be.  


2.  Hundred Waters: The laidback, dreamy sound of Hundred Waters has been perfect for the darker clubs.  They provided an absolutely perfect soundtrack to one of the hottest days of the summer, and gave us a beautiful chance to relax before an evening of high energy dance music.  The eclectic nature of the lineup makes the Full Flex Express so special, and Hundred Waters is one of our favourite examples of that. 


1.  Kai: The Toronto singer joined Jack Ü onstage to perform their hit 'Mind' and then surprised everyone by sticking around to sing her single with Diplo.  Both tracks are absolute favourites and 'Revolution' is one of the most inspiring anthems we've ever heard.  Kai's snapchat showed her getting on the train with the rest of the Full Flex crew so it's VERY possible you'll get to see her too!



Get your tickets and experience the Full Flex Express while you still can!


A Trak's new Jack Ü Short Cuts Routine!


Just when you think you have the slightest grasp on what A Trak is capable of, he releases the next episode of his Short Cuts series, this time around chopping up Jack U's 'Beats Knockin'.  THIS. SHIT. IS. INSANE.  A Trak consistently pushes boundaries and resets the bar higher and higher, time and again. Truly amazing.



VIDEO: Jack U & Justin Bieber 'Where are U Now'


To celebrate their fans, the success of the single 'Where Are U Now' and to create something exceptionally creative.  The Seventh Letter Gallery in Los Angeles is world renowned, and hosted an unexpected event where anyone could come and contribute to the art that would comprise this video.  Regardless of skill, previous experience or training, people could show up at the gallery and become a part of something special.