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Illangelo ft. Phlo Finister: Clockwork - the incredible Sam Tiba Remix

Illangelo's 'Clockwork' is an soulful track, giving the idea of both our mechanical future and the search for humanity in sight of it.  Phlo Finister's voice has never sounded so beautiful, nor as haunting. Until now.  This was a new sound compared to what we were used to from the vocalist, and yet we are again astounded as Club Cheval's Sam Tiba provides his own take on the song.  This rendition twists that beautiful voice into something much lower, more ominous, and sets it against sparse, minimalist percussion.  The truth is despite this there's an optimistic tone to the song as the vocal runs the spectrum with the result sounding almost as if a duet.This track is perfectly timed, as 'Clockwork' was Bromance Records 16th release and Sam Tiba is next in line with 'Samuel'.  Get your hands on the original song here!





VIDEO: Illangelo ft. Phlo Finister 'Clockwork'


Lance Drake directed the monumental new video for Illangelo's 'Clockwork'.  The clip features Phlo Finister as we've never seen her before, and shows us a very barren, lonely future.  Where may people tire of the average music video, they'll be positively enthralled by this one.  Unable to look away, you'll be drawn in, fascinated, and kept in suspense.  What else could you expect from two artists so unorthodox and creative as Illangelo and Phlo Finister.  Initially the duo collaborated with the intention of contributing the track to a Bromance compilation.  

What happened instead is something far more exciting and inspiring.  Youthquaker is a new band, born of their sessions together and based upon the influences of 60's and 70's music and film, 90's trip hop, and the youth quake movement in 60's fashion.  'Projections' will be the first album, released in the form of several EPs, with volume 1 coming sometime this summer.  Get the single on iTunes.



Illangelo: Crash Landing video + 'History of Man' stream!

Illangelo's many collaborations with some big stars from his home have Toronto put his music on a lot of peoples radar.  His new album 'History of Man' will show you the true depth of his talent.  It's out on Bromance Records, and the first visual is here.  Watch Ville Haimala's interpretation of 'Crash Landing', and do yourself a favour and give it your undivided attention, put your headphones on, sit back and let it take you on a journey.
Stream 'History of Man' in full below and get your own copy on iTunes!

Illangelo's debut album 'History Of Man' on Bromance Records

Get your first experience from Illangelo's debut album 'History of Man'.  'Crash Landing' is the first track we've heard from the album that will be out August 20th on Bromance Records.  The Toronto producer has worked with artists like Drake and Wiz Khalifa, and has collaborated extensively with the Weeknd.  This time he's crafted a concept album, rumored to be heavily influenced by John Milton's poem 'Paradise Lost'.