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VIDEO: Maya Jane Coles 'Darkside' 


'Darkside' is the third video to come from Maya Jane Coles' album Take Flight.  With this one, directed by the Fashtons, Coles goes deep into her sub-conscious and takes the viewer along with her.  As one of the foremost artists in electronic music Coles takes control of nearly every aspect of her music, ensuring cohesiveness from the recordings to the videos, and always the performances.  Maya Jane Coles is an artist like no other, and that's never been more evident than with the release of this powerful album.  Get it here


Funky dope new tune from Maya Jane Coles

Always on the rise, the super producing incredible UK house DJ known as Maya Jane Coles has announced her debut album and shared a new single featuring Karin Park called "Everything". The album is gonna be called Comfort and it will be out on June 28.