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Synapson - Hide Away (feat. Holly) (Official Music Video)

The production on this nice new tune will just drive you forward, motivarting you and keeping your body moving ... Without a doubt Synapson and Holly have a serious hit on their hands. Soulful dance music for the ages - listen to this:

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SteLouse: 'Zone' + The Remixes

SteLouse brings a wild new single and four key remixes with the release of 'Zone'.  BENTZ, falcxne, Holly and LOJACK each put their spin on 'Zone'.  The tune itself is a future bass adventure, and the remixes push it in a wide range of different directions.  BENTZ takes it to outer space, falcxne makes a house jam with Tiber, Holly morphs it into a whole new creation with an ambient beginning and insane finale.  LOJACK keeps it cool with a bright remix, perfect for the summer.  Get 'Zone' here!