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Photo of the day: 213 plus 1!


Photo of the day: Opening Day at Disneyland, on July 17, 1955


Photo of the day: One of the world’s first underwater photographs. Louis Boutan, 1893

One of the world’s first underwater photographs. Louis Boutan, 1893

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Detroit 1982

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Booklet published by the Michigan Bell Telephone Company, Detroit Renaissance, and the Metropolitan Detroit Convention and Visitors Bureau on the occasion of Super Bowl XVI held at the Pontiac Silverdome in January 1982. The booklet contains three articles, ”Home of the Lions & Super Bowl XVI,” by sports broadcaster Brent Musburger about the history of the Detroit Lions championships; ”Detroit’s True Grit,” by journalist and former Assistant Attorney General Roger Wilkins giving an overview of the city’s history anchored on Joe Louis, World War II-era production, the 1967 Riot, and the following recovery efforts; and ”The Second Assembly Line Revolution,” by science fiction author Isaac Asimov about the future of robotics in Detroit. The booklet also contains a forward by Michigan Bell president David K. Easlick and a section giving statistics for the region. An illustration of a bearded man, a Detroit Lions player, and a humanoid robot is on the cover.


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Rev. Ralph David Abernathy, James Foreman, the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., Jesse Douglas and John Lewis during a march to the courthouse in Montgomery, Alabama, on March 17, 1965

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