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Happy Birthday JDILLA!

Artwork by @itsbigmitch of fingersonblast / littlegreenghouls


A Tribe Called Red - The Virus Ft. Saul Williams, Chippewa Travellers (Official Video)

Everything about this is just out of this world.

Saul Williams and A Tribe Called Red are an absolute natural dream team. We are all lucky beyond belief that they made this music together, and that's not even mentioning the colossal impact of the vocals of Chippewa Travellers.

We hope this music inspires more of us to pay attention to the endlessly compiling lists of human rights and environmental violations going on, all over. We also hope it inspires more First Nations youth to make some beats, write some raps, whatever it may be.

This is the start of something that will change everything.

A Tribe Called Red:
Website: http://atribecalledred.com/
Twitter: http://twitter.com/atribecalledred
Instagram: http://instagram.com/atribecalledred
Facebook: http://facebook.com/atribecalledred
Merch: http://atribecalledred.com/shop-2/

Saul Williams:
Website: http://saulwilliams.com
Twitter: https://twitter.com/SaulWilliams
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/saulwilliams
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/saulwilliams

Chippewa Travellers:
Website: http://chippewatravellers.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Chippewa-Tra...


Headnodic & Adam Deitch - "First Takes"

 We could never explain this as well as the man Headnodic himself did - so look below for his quick synopsis of this magnificent project and the way it went down. Headnodic is an exceptional producer, and Adam Deitch is an absolute drum monster. Check this:

This dude came to my house with only an hour to play with (he was late for a flight to somewhere). Luckily, I prepped the night before and laid out a ProTools session with 15 or so beats that I had done (with the programmed drums muted). He walked in and we skipped the “hello hi” stuff, and he just threw on the headphones and sat down at the kit. The mics were prepped and the pre-amps were all warmed up. I hit play/record and the beat came on. What he did is what you hear on the record. I’m an editor and I love to chop and loop and fly and sample and yatta yatta, but I didn’t want to do sh*t to this drum take. It was game tight. By the time that song ended in his headphones, I had already slid the next one into the ProTools session and in real time he hit it in one take… Threw on another… First Take… Another… First Take… We only had an hour or so, but what he did is what you hear on the record… all first takes. The free download is at headnodic.blogspot.com

  • -Headnodic


5 Essential Large Professor Productions We Will Love Forever


We have always been huge fans of Queens super hip hop head Large Professor. He's contributed a gigantic amount to the culture as a producer, MC and DJ and has undoubtedly helped create some of your favorite music. If you want to learn a ton more about this fascinating man, listen to him as a guest on Ali Shaheed Muhammad's 'Microphone Check' podcast on NPR.

5. Organized Konfusion 'Stress' (Extra P Remix)

4. Nas - It Ain't Hard To Tell

3. Main Source - Live At The BBQ w. Nas, Joe Fatal, Akinyele

2. Common - Resurrection (Extra P Remix)

1. Nas - You're The Man


illustration by @itsbigmitch


Skratch Bastid & TJ Mizell's Jam Master Jay Tribute!

 Check out this super incredible funky dope routine from two of the world's finest turntablists - TJ Mizell and Skratch Bastid - as they pay tribute to the legendary DJ, the one and only Jam Master Jay. Rest In Peace!