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17 Essential Wu Tang Tracks

Here are 17 of our favorite tunes from one of the best crews to ever come together to bless the mic.
1. Triumph


2. Da Mystery of Chessboxin'


3. Daytona 500



4. NYC Everything



5. C.R.E.A.M.



6. Protect Ya Neck (The Jump Off)



7. It's Yourz



8. Can It Be All So Simple



9. Reunited



10. Wu Wear



11. Method Man



12. Protect Ya Neck (Bloody Version)



13. Sucker MC's



14. The Worst



15. Gravel Pit



16. UZI



17. I Can't Go To Sleep



UNITY Festival 2015


 The Unity Festival is back in Toronto this month!  The youth focused hip hop festival is world class for a number of reasons, and we're excited to see it's return.  UNITY is based on five core values: respect, integrity, passion, community, and youth.  The event empowers young people to creatively express their stress, and through creativity inspire community focused, productive action.  The four elements of hip hop are well represented at this year's Unity Festival, with Babeli, Mr. Wobbles, Marlon from HaviKoro, John Rivers, Rich Kidd and the GZA from Wu-Tang Clan appearing.  Check out unitycharity.com for more information and tickets!




Wednesday, July 22 
UNITY Beatbox in partnership with Beatbox Canada
Headliner: Babeli and special guest Mr Wobbles
6 - 11pm  
The Mod Club, 722 College Street, Toronto
Tickets are $5 in advance and at the door, or $10 for a festival pass
Thursday, July 23
Headliner: Marlon from Havikoro
2 - 7pm
The Great Hall, 1087 Queen Street West, Toronto
Tickets are $5 in advance and at the door, or $10 for a festival pass
Friday, July 24
UNITY MC & Spoken Word in partnership with RISE
Headliners: d'bi.young and John River
6 - 11pm  
918 Bathurst, 918 Bathurst Street, Toronto 
Tickets are $5 in advance and at the door, or $10 for a festival pass
Saturday, July 25
UNITY Concert
Presented by Tangerine
Headliners: GZA, Airplane Boys, Rich Kidd, Ghettosocks,
Humble the Poet and more
Yonge-Dundas Square

For tickets, inquiries, and details, please visit UNITYCharity.com/festival 



GZA ft. Tom Morello: The Mexican

Babe Ruth's classic track "The Mexican" was first introduced to us as a b-boy anthem, and is now seeing a tough as nails reintroduction.  GZA, the genius of the Wu-Tang Clan has paired with the infamous Tom Morello; guitarist of Rage Against the Machine for an intense and unexpected version of the song.  What's most mysterious about this welcome surprise is the anonymity of the back up vocalist, singing the original lyrics to the 1972 track.  At first it sounds as if it could be the original voice only modified, but as the song progresses there's an eerie familiartity to it.  Who do you think it is?


GZA rhyming with ODB on the beatbox!

This pretty much went viral earlier this week, but we thought we should repost it in case anyone had the displeasure of missing it.  It's very dope!


Classic of the day: RZA & GZA "Third World" prod. DJ Muggs

 Coming from the now classic DJ Muggs 'Soul Assassins' album that featured everyone who seemed to matter in rap at the time.  The album had tunes from Goodie Mob, Dr. Dre & B Real, Mobb Deep, KRS One and so many more.  Most importantly it featured this RZA & GZA tune that sounds like it could have easily been a 36 Chambers b side.  'Third World' is a two parter, both the intro and the track itself being massively huge beats, and both MCs doing what they do best on the mic.  Enjoy.