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VIDEO: Nick Murphy ' Sanity'

Nick Murphy has a new album on the way called Run Fast Sleep Naked.  It's coming on April 26th, and the single is entitled 'Sanity' and the video is here.  Check it out below, and we're sure you'll enjoy this first taste of Murphy's next project.  For a different take on the visual for 'Sanity', check out this archival live cut on YouTube.   Get 'Sanity' here.



Wafia presents 'I'm Good' 



Wafia has just released her new single 'I'm Good', and announced her upcoming tour.  This is a big one, taking her from Australia, the UK, Europe, and North America.  We're looking forward to her show in Toronto at the Garrison.  The last time we saw her perform was at the Opera House with Ta-Ku, and that was an unforgettable night.  The prospect of another live show, with her new music like 'I'm Good' is a really exciting one.  Wafia has an incredible voice, and she's a brilliant songwriter.  Take a listen to 'I'm Good' below, and get tickets to see her live here.  


Nick Murphy Presents 'Medication'

The musical evolution of Nick Murphy is simply fascinating.  Most knew him initially as Chet Faker, a name that made some beautiful music that left a lasting impression before being left behind.  The journey continues under his own name, with a sound that feels like it's always moving forward and exploring what it could become.  Since the very beginning the central aspect of Murphy's music has been that groove, and you'll still find it here, make no mistake.

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Hayden James ft. GRAACE: 'Numb'

Future Classic was home to Hayden James' stand out release 'Something About You', and now they've got what is sure to be his next big hit.  Creatively it's a bit different from his previous big tunes, but the collaboration with GRAACE still captures that emotional essence that first draws listeners to James' songs.  The downtempo beat bounces along, providing an energetic element to compliment the lyrics that are deeply rooted in a love that isn't easy.  Listen below, and get the single here!


VIDEO: Wafia 'Bodies'

Wafia's new song 'Bodies' is more than just another beautiful track.  She's created a protest song for her family, written after American President Donald Trump announced his Muslim travel ban.  The very same day Wafia's mother was denied entry to Australia while fleeing Syria.  With the song she counters the specific, derisive language used in the media to describe immigrants and refugees by humanizing their experiences.  Wafia makes their struggles relatable to those whose lives are far removed from that reality, by using the video to celebrate differences.  'Bodies' (directed by Alli Coates) is a work of art, and it's exactly what our world needs.

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