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Lorenzo BITW presents 'Love Junction' 

 Lorenzo BITW brings you a multi-faceted album in his latest release Love Junction.  From the moody ones, to the pop influenced bangers these records make a massive impact on dance floors all over the world.  Now the music can extend its reach into your life, bringing that undeniable energy that makes all the difference.  The album is out now on Friends of Friends, and if you act fast you can get your hands on the limited edition vinyl.

Listen to Love Junction below and get it here!


Tomas Barfod's latest: 'Family'

Tomas Barfod announced his upcoming album Paloma back in September.  The announcement came with the song 'Things That Matter', and this time the single 'Family' has got our attention all over again.  Jonas Smith's voice completes this electronic masterpiece, and makes it an emotionally powerful, unforgettable song.  Listen beow and preorder Paloma here.


Tomas Barford Presents: 'Better Than I Would'

'Better Than I Would' is the premier single from Tomas Barfod's upcoming EP on Friends of Friends.  The energetic percussion sets the stage and the vocal comes across as raw and vulnerable.  The concept is one that certainly is relatable, as sooner or later everyone realizes that it's hard to thrive on your own.  Tomas Barfod has made a track that can enhance the party, or lead a meditation session you can dance to in your own home.  Few could accomplish what seems to come so naturally to him, and Friends of Friends is the perfect home for this music.

Preorder 'Better Than I Would' here


M.O.O.N.'s 'Jon F' from 'Clinically Blasé'


M.O.O.N.'s track 'Alicia' was the first to emerge from his upcoming album.  While 'Clinically Blasé' isn't available until May 5th, a second track from the album has just been released.  Friends Of Friends Music have put the record up for preorder and released 'Jon F'.  You can listen below, and preorder the album here.



Perera Elsewhere presents 'Something's Up'

'Something's Up' is a great track if you feel the urge to make your Monday feel a whole lot more like a scene from 'Twin Peaks'.  It's the newest track from Perera Elsewhere, out now on Friends of Friends.  It comes from the upcoming sophomore album, the follow up to 2014's 'Everlast'.  'Something's Up' is lyrically powerful, a tale of the eye opening, worldwide awakening to the realities of our world.  Pay close attention and you'll agree, Perera Elsewhere is right.  Something is definitely up.

Get the single here