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Vic Mensa drops 'Diplomatic Immunity' freestyle

Vic Mensa follows the incredible video for 'We Could Be Free' from The Autobiography with a new freestyle entitled 'Diplomatic Immunity'.  The track comes with these words from Vic Mensa: "This is not a diss record." so take a listen for yourselves and see why one of the hottest mc's out there today felt the need to make that clarification.

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"This is not a diss record."

GZA rhyming with ODB on the beatbox!

This pretty much went viral earlier this week, but we thought we should repost it in case anyone had the displeasure of missing it.  It's very dope!


Isamu Yamamoto - skateboard wunderkind genius

We have always loved the Rodney Mullen style flatland freestyle skating, and this young gentleman Isamu Yamamoto is taking it to yet another new level.  Check it!


Riff Raff freestyle on Sway In The Morning 

See the thing is, you can say what you want about Riff Raff, most of us are still kind of on the fence when it comes to this guys.  But he can clearly freestyle, so dope.

LIVE: Myka 9 Freestyle

Myka 9 shows beyond a shadow of a doubt what freestyling is, the improvisation.  He then goes on to divulge how that definition was created, and some of the influence that he and the Freestyle Fellowship have.