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'INTL' is the free heavyweight tune from Kennedy Jones

Kennedy Jones has been an exciting artist to see rise to prominence.  One thing that sets him apart from the rest (aside from incredible production) is his genuine appreciation for his supporters.  To let that worldwide crew know what they mean to him he's offered up the tune 'INTL' as a free download.  The heavyweight festival trap tune is tougher than the average artists biggest single, and it's yours.  The only catch is now you're either a new fan of the one and only Kennedy Jones, or you're a much stronger supporter.  The reggae influence creates a new feel that is rarely present in this style of music, but he pulls it off seemingly effortlessly.




Sultan + Ned Shepard: All These Roads (Fixyn Remix)

Sultan and Ned Shepard have a huge single on their hands with Zella Day and Sam Martin on the vocals in 'All These Roads'.  Right now we're bringing you the Fixyn remix, a brilliantly crafted, highly energetic track.  This free one is going to be perfect on your New Year's Eve playlist!


NEW: Starsmith 'Clockwork'

The UK artist Starsmith has brought himself to the forefront of our attention this week with this track.  'Clockwork' is a finely crafted house track, with it's sound right in the middle of several subgenres.  Somewhere between electro and progressive sounds he's created a brilliant sound, both energetic and heavy; without leaning too far in either direction.  


Shaman Juice: Free single from RUN DMT's new album

Yesterday marked the release of of RUN DMT's latest LP.  4th Wall Records has released the album on Beatport and iTunes, and we can think of any good reason why you shouldn't have it already and be listening to it right now.  This is an incredible listen, proof positive that the Austin, Texas based producer has a unique vision and undeniable talent for creating electronic music.  While it's become quite commonplace to expect producers to try their hands at a variety of genres, this is one artist who can traverse those boundaries in a single piece of music. 

'Shaman Juice' is available free to download on Soundcloud.  The full length record is a must listen, and one that we're still getting our heads around the intricacies of.  Embark on that adventure, and experience the work of a true artist as he takes you on a journey.  If you have the chance check out RUN DMT performing at the 2013 Vans Warped Tour!


DJ Gina Turner and Kick-Oh: Free EP

DJ Gina Turner has just released a free EP with Kick-Oh.  Two tracks of brilliant tech house, 'Change Love' and 'Organolectic' will be welcome additions to any music collection!

DJ Gina Turner:

Kick OH: