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Promnite presents the 'Snake Charmer' EP

Promnite's new project is a testament to collaboration in the creative process.  This records includes tracks with Denzel Curry, Nell, J.K. the Reaper, Twelve'len, Adam Vida, LaDonnis and Mark Johns.  From 'Gunsmoke' to 'Call Me' Promnite continually dodges the expected, giving you wildly inventive club music with unmatched emotional depth.  Music that powerful doesn't happen by accident.  It's the result of the very same collaborative spirit that makes this EP feel exciting just by reading the tracklist.  Get the 'Snake Charmer' EP on Fool's Gold Records, and grab the super limited vinyl edition with the instrumentals.


Leaf: 'FWM (Lie To Me)'

This track is way too hot to be real, and the same can definitely be said for the video.  Leaf's 'FWM (Lie To Me)' is out on Fool's Gold Records, fittingly released the day before Valentine's day.  At this point it's safe to say that with music like this Leaf will be thriving amongst the biggest stars in music.  Check the fire video for 'FWM' below along with more links to Leaf online and get 'FWM' here


Moby: 'Black Lacquer' on Fool's Gold Records

Moby is a legend in the world of music, and the tracks that comprise his 'Black Lacquer' EP are some of the highlights of his career.  Fool's Gold Records released this collection of remixes including High Klassified, Promnite, and Fool's Gold heavyweight Nick Catchdubs.  Treasure Fingers takes on the rave classic 'Go', leading off the EP in a big way.  Listen below and get it here!


VIDEO: Rome Fortune 'Blicka Blicka'

'Blicka Blicka' is a hands down favourite track from 'Jerome Raheem Fortune'.  It's a bold exclaimation that this is one irreverent lyricist who will not be fucked with.  Rome Fortune owns this beat, and doesn't shy away from sharing some of his personal motivating factors.  The video is just as bold and irreverent and brings along with it a few remixes of this big tune.  Los Angeles producers C.Z. and Cy Kosis each contribute their own version on the EP, available here.



Black Atlass: 'Holding On' (A-Trak, Promnite & starRo remix)

'Holding On' from Black Atlass' 'Haunted Paradise' is one of the tracks that comprise the upcoming remix EP.  The EP brings some heavy hitters from the Fool's Gold roster, but no track gets a bigger lineup than this one.  'Holding On' is remixed by A-Trak, Promnite, and starRo, and the result is a deep, soulful house track that is second to none.  This is about to be one of the biggest tracks worldwide.