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Falcons ft. Tzar: 'All Over Again'

Los Angeles producer Falcons teams with Tzar for a new song, and it's an unexpected change after the last few tunes he's released.  Tzar's voice makes an instant impression, and the moody, hazy production makes the emotional side that much heavier.  At about a minute in when the percussion really kicks off, the powerful feeling of this track really takes over.  That emotive, dynamic element of Falcons' music is a big part of why he continues to thrive with each new release.



Falcons ft. Kingjet: 'Nonsense'

This is intense, 'Nonsense' is a major banger and it's too good to miss.  Falcons teams up with Kingjet for a dynamic, powerful track that is like nothing else.  You might know Kingjet as half of TwoFresh, and you might have heard a couple of big tunes from Falcons this summer like 'Want Your Body' and 'Boo You Know'.






A-Trak ft. Quavo & Lil Yachty: 'Believe'

Odds are that A-Trak had both Migos and Lil Yachty booked for Fool's Gold Day Off events before most of us knew their names.  No matter the style A-Trak has always been ahead of the curve in terms of catching on to what's coming next, and that's when he isn't creating those sounds himself.  This time around he's released 'Believe' a laidback, optimistic single with Lil Yachty and Quavo from Migos on the mic.  This track is way too dope, and it's just another example of A-Trak striving to remain one of the most innovative DJ's of our time.

Get 'Believe' here!


Bosco: 'Adrenaline'


Bosco has just released the song 'Adrenaline' from the upcoming record b. She describes the project:

"b. is a collection of songs about escapism, freedom, self-discovery, and relationships while transitioning into womanhood.I created this body of work in Atlanta, Los Angeles, and New Orleans from intimate moments in my bedroom, friends’ stories, unfinished conversations and feelings while traveling, Uber + plane rides with fleeting thoughts, and self-love/worth during solitude. During this process, I learned a lot about myself, facing things no one really wants to see about themselves. I guess I'm telling my truths this time around.”


YehMe2 Presents: STMT 2

If you followed YehMe2's 'Beat A Day' challenge, you've had a preview at what music was coming when Steal This Mixtape 2 finally hit.  The creative, challenging initiative showed off the impeccable style, and undeniable skill of YehMe2.  Now we've got the best of that collection of tracks, 28 in total and it's nothing short of incredible. 

According to the man himself, this project was created to sound like YehMe2's music collection on shuffle, only with one catch.  Each track is a YehMe2 remix, and the styles are so varied it's hard to believe that one artist can make it happen so naturally.  STMT 2 includes tracks from Selena, Chance the Rapper, and Tool.  That should give you an idea of what to expect...