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VIDEO: Shash'U 'Through The Night'

Shash'U's 'Through Da Night' is a souful, unpredictable bass tune.  An exploration of the space between popular genres, while embracing the wildest side of nightlife.  This video is an intense representation of what goes on after dark and is probably not for everyone, but the track!  Shash'U's new single is simply unforgettable, indescribable, and undeniably unpredictable.  


A-Trak ft. Andrew Wyatt: Push

This one is almost too good to be true.  While A-Trak's most recent projects have been disco fuelled (Duck Sauce with Armand Van Helden) and rugged hip hop (Low Pros with Lex Luger) his newest single shows that versatility again.  He teams with Andrew Wyatt, the immensely talented lead vocalist of Miike Snow, and this one leans to the progressive house sound that A-Trak has brought on tunes like 'Tuna Melt' and his remix of 'Night Out' by Martin Solvieg.  This one is a double edged masterpiece and delivers both beautiful vocals and intense, dynamic music.  The track is featured on the Fifa 15 soundtrack, and is currently available from Fool's Gold on Drip.FM.


NEW: Sammy Bananas 'Money Time'!

New York's Sammy Bananas is serioiusly on to something with this new single.  Listen to 'Money Time' with Antony & Cleopatra even once, and you'll be hard pressed not to play it again immediately.  The track is released with a club ready Wax Motif remix, and that one is a real heavy hitter.  The original mix is a soulful dancefloor experiment, one that might find people unexpectedly falling in love.  There's 3 versions on the EP, the club, radio and dub edits and in addition to the Wax Motif mix there are two others by Option 4 and Durkin.  Get yours on October 7th!


Sammy Bananas: Flexin' EP 

 Sammy Bananas has long been a big part of the Fool's Gold Records crew and his newest EP is a major development.  Since day one for the label he's released incredible remixes, and original tunes as part of Fifteenth, and Telephoned.  Now he's reached a new level with the 'Flexin' EP.  It's a great balance between the classic origins of dance music and a really inventive, explorative new sound.  Get that heat on iTunes!


New single by Oliver 'Light Years Away'

Oliver continues to be an act that is shaping the future of dance music.  The single 'Light Years Away' is further proof that their take on heavyweight tunes for the dance floor is simply unmatched, and it makes sense that their music would come from the out of this world Fool's Gold Records.  'Light Years Away' is available now along with the b-side 'Fast Forward', get it here.