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See Ned Rifle this weekend at the Royal Cinema!

This weekend is your chance to catch Hal Hartley's widely acclaimed film "Ned Rifle".  It's the third chapter of the trilogy that began with "Henry Fool" in 1997 and includes "Fay Grim" from 2006.  The film stars Aubrey Plaza, Liam Aiken, Parker Posey, Robert John Burke, Martin Donovan, James Urbaniak, and Bill Sage.  It becomes a loving portrait of the son of the characters of his previous films, rather than focusing on them.  The tale follows the young, serious, and well mannered Ned on his quest for revenge.  "Ned Rifle" plays at the Royal Cinema (608 College St. in Toronto) tonight at 7 pm, and tomorrow and Sunday at 6:45 pm.  Check out theRoyal.TO for more info!


Nomads: A Short Tour Film from HIGHS

Here's a pretty cool new mini doc about the wonderful band HIGHS from Toronto.  Join them as they tour through Canada playing shows, eating snacks, and being awesome.  Check it:

Nomads: A Short Tour Film
Shot and Edited by Geoff Stairs (

A video diary from our January 2015 tour of Eastern Canada. Shot and edited by Geoff Stairs, with interview audio supplied by CHSR Fredericton, CKCU Ottawa, and Canadian Musician Radio.

Filmed on location in Ottawa, Montreal, Quebec City, Fredericton, Halifax, Charlottetown, Moncton, Edmundston, and points in-between.

Special thanks to the Foundation to Assist Canadian Talent on Recordings (FACTOR), The Agency Group and Audio Blood.


Sunday documentary: Baauer "Searching For Sound"

This is an inspiring journey brought to you by Red Bull, starring two brilliant producers and musicians, Baauer and Nick Hook.  Once you see the experience had by these two gentlemen and their quest to capture sound from both musicians and daily life across the globe you can't help but be blown away by both their talent and their genuine kindness.  These are the kind of artists we love to support; innovative, good people who make great art and have a blast the whole time.  Big respect to these men!



We Were Not Made For This World 

This is a fascinating, and kind of heartbreaking short film by Colin West McDonald, based on the comic by Paul Hornschemeier.  We implore you to take (less than) 5 minutes and enjoy this small masterpiece.


Short Film: 'Sam' by Alexis Garcia Rocca

'Sam' is a short film by Alexis Garcia Rocca.  It was released on Veteran's Day, or as we call it in Canada: Rememberance Day.  The film stars Morgan Roberts as Sam, and Georgie Flores as the young woman he loves but struggles to connect with after returning home from war.  The story is based upon the writing of Juan Garcia who served in the United States Army as a Field Artillery Officer for 8 years.  The terrifying reality is that many people who have served in the military are in a position similar to Sam's upon returning home.  People who need help, and yet even those closest to them seem miles away, unaware of the severity of the situation and feeling like they are both on the outside.

'Sam' provides a tearful insight into a reality most would prefer to avoid acknowledging.  It's a very real part of the world we live in, and though we may wish to ignore it this film leaves that no longer possible.  This is the first film project where Alexis Garcia Rocca worked with her brother Juan, and in less than 12 minutes they'll leave a more powerful impression than most movies ever could.  Please watch below, and learn more at


SAM - Short Film | 2014 from Alexis Garcia Rocca on Vimeo.


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