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Yellow Claw's Air Jager Tour Documentary!

The Dutch trio Yellow Claw may be on the cusp of releasing their debut album, but they're no rookies.  They've been on the road, all over the world putting on one of the wildest shows we've ever seen.  'Blood For Mercy' is their first full length, and they're giving their captive audience something big to look forward to.  In this short documentary by Selwyn De Wind you get a good look at the group, their music, but most importantly their fans and their shows.  Preorder 'Blood For Mercy' on iTunes.


Photo of the day: Behind the scenes of 'Forrest Gump'


Disney Presents the Miyazaki Collection

This fall Disney is bringing something to your movie collection that has been long awaited.  The legendary filmmaker Hayao Miyazaki recently made the news when it was announced that he'll be opening an animal sanctuary for children on a remote island in Japan.  Now the news has broken that a 12 Blu-Ray box set will be released November 17th, exclusively on Amazon.  'The Collective Works Of Hayao Myazaki includes famous films like 'Spirited Away' and 'My Neighbour Totoro', and it's the first of it's kind.  Never before has Miyazaki released a collection of his work like this...


Classic Illustrated Bond Posters


Majical Cloudz tour documentary: 'A Lot Of Humans'

'A Lot Of Humans' is not your average tour documentary.  From the very beginning this short film shows a very real, and very relatable side of the Montreal group.  This film shows them as they embark on their tour with Lorde last fall.  The reality of it is exciting for everyone involved, and was at times nerve wracking.  These were the largest audiences that Majical Cloudz have played for, and the title stems from the realization sinking in that what they saw each night in front of the stage was not an illusion, but a lot of humans...