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Classic Illustrated Bond Posters


Majical Cloudz tour documentary: 'A Lot Of Humans'

'A Lot Of Humans' is not your average tour documentary.  From the very beginning this short film shows a very real, and very relatable side of the Montreal group.  This film shows them as they embark on their tour with Lorde last fall.  The reality of it is exciting for everyone involved, and was at times nerve wracking.  These were the largest audiences that Majical Cloudz have played for, and the title stems from the realization sinking in that what they saw each night in front of the stage was not an illusion, but a lot of humans...


Star Wars Episode 7 - The Force Awakens - Comic-Con 2015 Reel

 What makes this so exciting is not simply the fact that it exists, but they are staying true to many of the things that made Star Wars so great in the first place.  You'll have to click play to see what I mean, but seriously, you're gonna LOVE this.



If you haven't seen MAD MAX yet - Please, go.


See it while it's still on the big screen - this is a must.


5 Things to Watch on (Canadian) Netflix Right Now:


Here's a few gems we've either stumbled across or revisited recently, and seeing as no one told us to watch them or not, we figured we would officially recommend these 5 non-obvious choices for your casual viewing. Enjoy.


5. Killing Them Softly


We had seen this one up there for a while, and can promise that it is as suspenseful as it is brutal.  Poor Marky.



4. One Week


Canadian gem Joshua Jackson goes on both a literal and a spiritual journey across Canada and discovers a whole lot.  Plus, there's lots of cameos from some of our favorites.



3. No No: A Dockumentary


The much hyped documentary about Pittsburg Pirates pitcher Dock Ellis.  This story takes you there and back again and will blow your mind, especially considering so many people now haven't even heard of him.



2. Take Shelter


A twisted and suspenseful thriller that features two of our favorites, Jessica Chastain and Michael Shannon.  Truly a must see.



1. The Station Agent


Three folks become unlikely friends in a remote town despite the odds being against them.  Incredible performances from everyone in this one.