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Endorphin: Episode 2 - SoCal


Episode 1 of 'Endorphin' arrived in January, and the unorthodox series caught us by surprise.  We heard of it from the ever inspiring Angie Jenkins, known as Lovatron, and the purveyor of one of the most memorable and noteworthy blogs.  This project was a departure from anything we'd seen or heard of before, from her or otherwise.  Tattoo artist Supakitch, director Damien Elroy Vignaux, and Angie teamed up to create something that we don't think the world has ever seen the likes of before.  The process of the tattoo is front and center, with Supakitch creating astounding work with Lovatron as the canvas.  The location changes in each episode, with The Standard Hotel and it's incredible view of New York city as the setting for episode one.

In episode 2 the setting changes to Southern California.  From the city where we see Supakitch sketching the design to the beach where the tattoo session takes place, you see a side of California you can't anywhere else and in a context that is simply unmatched.  To add to the incredible piece, Guillame Monet provides an impeccable soundtrack that will probably surprise you sometime on a dance floor when you least expect it.  

You know the old saying 'there's nothing new under the sun', well it turns out that isn't as true as it may have seemed yesterday.  Watching episode 1 was an exciting eye opener, and now seeing episode 2 it's an instant repeat watch and an inspiration to go make your wildest idea a reality.  If you haven't seen episode 1 yet, watch it first.  If you're like us, you'll want to stay tuned in for the next in the 10 episode series.



Supakitch x Damien elroy Vignaux x Lovatron - ENDORPHIN - Episode 02 - SoCal from Damien elroy Vignaux on Vimeo.



New documentary on Roy Orbison! Watch the trailer:

This is going to be great.  His classic album Mystery Girl is being re-released on May 19, and his sons Alex and Roy Jr. are working on producing this new documentary.  Respect!


LIZ: 'That's My Man' prod. Pharrell

Over the last year and a bit, we've been loving the sound of Liz's voice and the prime selection of producers that she's worked with.  Linking up with Mad Decent, and releasing her first singles on Jeffree's was a brilliant start to what is shaping up to be an exciting career.  The latest development following her 'Just Like You' EP is a single on the soundtrack to a serious blockbuster movie.  As the film version of The Amazing Spiderman 2 is about to be released in theatres, we want to remind you about the soundtrack. 

Liz appears on the album with the single 'That's My Man'.  It's produced by the prolific Pharrell Williams, and the result is a combination of soul and funk on this unforgettable pop track.  Get yours on iTunes!



Icy Lake: A Night Slugs x Fade To Mind short film

'Icy Lake' is a short film like no other.  It's the story of how a track that had faded from it's initial prominence is being resurrected, and the storied history that has come along with it.  'Icy Lake' shows the song as DJ Total Freedom discovers it at the end of a YouTube video.  The film then takes you on a journey to see the New York City club culture that was featured in the video, and goes on to look at where that culture is in 2014.  Night Slugs and Fade To Mind bring you this short film, and with it the release of the song by Dat Oven that started it all.  Get the song and the brilliant remixes on iTunes.





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