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Help IHC make Get Amongst It: The Check Yo Ponytail Movie


"When you have a dream, you have to keep fighting. You have to see it through because why else are you living?" -Franki Chan


IHEARTCOMIX and Check Yo Ponytail are names that have always been synonymous with amazing music and continually introducing the world to independent artists of all kinds.  They're gearing up to tell the story of their first tour.  They took Spank Rock, Big Freedia, The Death Set, and Picture Plane on the road.  Franki Chan ran the tour, did the artwork, played dj sets, and to top it all off played drums with the Death Set.

The Check Yo Ponytail tour was more than a labour of love, it's the product of passion that won't run out.  'Get Amongst It' is a documentary that is taking shape, but needs the help of like minded passionate people all over the world.  IHEARTCOMIX has created a Kickstarter project to get this movie made and released.  They're offering an amazing selection of prizes for those who donate.  This ranges from digital downloads of the film to studio sessions with Switch, one of A-Trak's hats, and even a phone call from Andrew WK in which he'll give you a pep talk about partying.

Head to the Kickstarter for the whole list and most importantly to donate.



The incredible story of Vivian Maier

If you check out one thing today, make this that thing.  Vivian Maier was an introverted woman who was born in 1920 and had an unknown talent, the magnitude of which was never known until after she passed away.  Historical hobbyist John Maloof purchased a box of never developed negatives from an auction in 2007, and what he found was absolutely mindblowing.  As it turns out, Vivian Maier is without a doubt one of the most important street photographers on the mid 20th century.  Here are a few striking examples of her work, as well as the trailer for the new documentary about her "Finding Vivian Maier", which is out in March 2014.  Enjoy:




Seven Lions: documentary and new single

Go along with director Jason Ano and OWSLA artist Seven Lions in this short documentary.  The Thump feature takes an inside look at how the producer stays focused, where he makes music, and his outlook on live shows.  It comes along at the same time as the 'Serpent of Old'.  After you watch the film, check out the title track and get the single today from iTunes!


30 for 30: The Monstars vs. The Tune Squad

ESPN's legendary 30 for 30 film series goes deep into some of the most interesting stories in sports.  The tales behind the games, and it's greatest players and coaches have become immensely popular, and now Yahoo's Sketchy series has provided it's own spin.  The mid-nineties were a tough proving ground in the world of professional basketball, and this film shows one of the roughest, most legendary games in that time period: The Monstars vs. The Tune Squad.


Watch the insane trailer for "Sanguivorous" The Far Eastern Vampire Tale

Japan's first silent vampire film.  Oh man, this is going to be absolutely nuts.  Here's a snippet from the press release:

"Sanguivorous is written and directed by Japanese filmmaker Naoki Yoshimoto and features the renowned avant-garde butoh dancer Ko Murobushi. Earllier this year the film impressed audiences in New York, Philadelphia, Indianapolis, Baltimore, and DC with screenings in conjunction with live musical accompaniment by Japanese percussionist Tatsuya Nakatani and saxophonist Edward Wilkerson, Jr. This unprecedented event combined experimental filmmaking, cutting-edge contemporary music, dance theatre... and fangs."

Say what!  We have to see this.  It's out in North America on November 19th.  For now watch the trailer: