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Duke Dumont - I Got U (Fei-Fei's Feided Remix)

Fei Fei took on one of the most beautiful songs to emerge last year, and left it perfectly suited for those late summer nights.  Duke Dumont's soulful house music wins, there's no other way to put it.  These tracks have a romantic, unifying element that keeps the fire started in Chicago at the Warehouse burning all over the world to this very day.  Fei Fei's mix slows it down a bit, gives it a patient, laidback feel, it becomes a track that suits the hazy sunsets, early mornings, beach days, road trips, and festival missions that make summer worth waiting for.  In this new version the lyrics take on a new power, really impressing upon the listener the dedication to the notion that the greatest thing we can do with our lives is spend it with the ones who we love and love us...

"ask me what I did with my life...  I spent it with you."



Fei Fei's remix of Purity Ring "Push Pull"

One of our favorites, Fei Fei, has dropped a surprise Feided version of one of the great new Purity Ring tunes.  Feast your ears right here.


Stream Fei-Fei's amazing new album "Pretty Girls Don't Hallucinate"

This one caught us off guard in the best way, we thought we were in for a bunch of 4/4 grooves that we knew we would love.  However, Fei Fei has done some serious sonic exploration and experimentation this one and has simply made an album of beautiful music.  This is such a versatile and engaging album that you could literally do anything to it.  Exercise stuff, studying stuff, sexy stuff, dancing stuff.  Whatever kind of stuff you're into, Fei Fei has got you covered.  Much respect to her, "Pretty Girls Don't Hallucinate" is a homerun.

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Pretty Girls Don't Hallucinate Out now on iTunes: