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Jon Hopkins f. Raphaelle Standell "Form By Firelight"

This guy is a brilliant producer, and an innovator in sound design.  Jon Hopkins has enlisted the beautiful vocals of Raphaelle Standell, who you may know from the amazing band, BRAIDS. This track is so incredible, from start to finish we are fully engaged by it.  A definite must listen.


Cibo Matto's new video "Deja Vu"

The ever-changing and evolving tune that is "Deja Vu" has set up shop in our heads and will easily be stuck right there for most of today. Enjoy this incredible tune, which reminds us of something could've been on Dilla's "Donuts" Lp, and see Cibo Matto on tour now!


D. Matthew's epic remix of D'Angelo's "Devil's Pie"

This Toronto based supertalent has been honing his craft for a number of years now and last week blessed us with this inspiring and spacey interpretation of D'Angelo's classic jam.  Big up D. Matthew!


New Squarepusher track

It's always a big deal when this classic producer/musician drops something new, having always been an innovator in electronic and experimental music.  Squarepusher constantly breaks every mold, even his own.  You gotta hear this.


Battles-White Electric (Shabazz Palaces Remix)

Battles are always great, live or recorded, in case you aren't familiar, we will post some more this week. Same goes with Shabazz Palaces. Great combination of styles, this is for everyone.