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Elliot Maginot presents 'Common Place'

Elliot Maginot returns with his first new song since his 2014 debut album.  Today 'Common Place' stands out as boldly as Young/Old/Everything.In.Between did when it was first released.  This song is beautifully written, Maginot's lyrics are unmistakeably poetic, giving you new things to discover after repeated listens while remaining just as captivating as the first time you hear it.  This one is bigger than what we've come to expect from Elliot Maginot, and it's a welcome surprise partly thanks to the contributions of producer Connor Seidel, Emile Farley on bass, Vithou Thurber-Promtep on keys and Mathieu Leguerrier on percussion and drums.

Listen below and get it here!


VIDEO: Elliot Maginot 'Survival'

Elliot Maginot's album 'Young/Old/Everything.In.Between' gave us the song 'Monsters At War'.  It was the first song we heard from Maginot, and a bold indicator of what this young songwriter is all about.  The latest single 'Survival' is translated into a magnificient video, as creative and unpredictable as Elliot Maginot and his music.  Get 'Young/Old/Everything.In.Between' here



Preview: Elliot Maginot at the Drake Underground Tomorrow!

 The Montreal artist known as Elliot Maginot is bringing his one of a kind performance to London and Toronto.  Tonight he performs at the legendary APK in London, a venue that has always been on the cutting edge for bringing creatively selected events to the forest city. Tomorrow night his tour with Ian Kelly visits one of our favourite venues in Toronto, the intimate Drake Hotel.  Following the release of his "Young​/​Old​/​Everything​.​In​.​Between" he's delivered the magical single "Monsters At War".  With the influence of artists like Nick Drake and Bob Dylan, and his own unique, individual contribution to the storied history of storytellers carrying only their guitar and their tales, he's reinventing his identity as a man and a musician.  

With this new work we get a glimpse at the evolution of an incredibly talented artist.  There's a tangible excitement following the release of the video for "Monsters At War", where Elliot's listeners patiently await what comes next.  Tickets for the London show are available at the door, and tickets for Tuesday, March 17th at the Drake Hotel here!