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yahohyah: The Adventure (free album)


Reviewed: PHOTEK - Ku:Palm

This is extremely exciting, Photek, the legendary drum and bass (and much more) producer is BACK with his first LP in over a decade called "Ku:Palm". The man himself had this to say: “As the album started to take shape it felt like it was sitting halfway between Modus Operandi and Solaris – which I felt was a good place to be. Now it’s finished, it might well be my favourite album to date."  Modus Operandi and Solaris are both heavy hitting and trailblazing albums, both responsible for Photek being known as a frontrunner in innovative drum and bass goes, as well as electronic music in general.

Photek's first ep came out in 1995 on Goldie's "Metalheadz" imprint, and he's been turning heads ever since, no matter how long of a break he may choose to take in between releases. It has been said that Photek drew influences from both old and new on this one, which is evident right away, in the best way. He also maintains the mentality of the original electronic movement in that he wants the album to be a great listen whether in a club on a massive system, or in someones headphones on their own, which is a balance some modern producers could possibly strive further towards.

This is far from a drum and bass album, he manages to capture a huge range of styles while maintaining a consistent tone of tight percussion, perfectly heavy bass and a variety of synthesizers from all over the map.  It plays like an LP crafted master of drum and bass who can do anything he feels like with ease.  This is an easy album to listen to start to finish, with no skippers in the bunch, we honestly we dig every single track. 

Get your hands on this one friends. If you are unfamiliar with Photek but you love electronic music, get this album and work your way backward, you are about to be a huge fan.

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HxdB remixed by Bwana!

Bwana makes great, soulful electronic music.  Get on board, you're gonna love it.  This newest tune, a remix of HxdB is an instant favorite, a nice atmospheric dance jam, we can't wait to hear what's next.

Our House Podcast Mix ft. Bwana
Stray Landings Podcast Mix ft. Bwana


Free Download: Slagsmalsklubben - Jake Blood - Tony Senghore Remix

Not sure how we stumbled across this gem, but wow, DOPE! Nice clean, fun, electro housey goodness. Free for you!


Sunday Movie 008: Modulations - The History of Electronic Dance Music