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tw33ds: Selected Ambien Twerks (2015-2018)


Today we've got a new release from tw33ds, entitled Selected Ambien Twerks (2015-2018).  This collection brings together half a dozen tracks created over the span of a few years.  The untitled tracks that comprise this collection definitely lean to the darker side, and become quite ominous in a few places throughout the record. tw33ds embraces hip hop, trap and electronic music and creates music of such depth that it feels kind of strange to refer to the tracks by number.  Then again, this is about capturing the sound of an era, a part of the evolution of an artist, much like the album that the title pays homage to...

Check out Selected Ambien Twerks (2015-2018) below:


Tycho present 'Easy'


One of our favorite acts doing it, Tycho makes music that is for everyone. It's upbeat and full of soul and light and optimism and love. Put this on and have a dance party with your friends, draw a picture, go for a walk, make someone you like dinner, jump on a trampoline, it'll be perfect. 



Amazon Music: http://found.ee/tycho-az

FKJ releases "Perfect Timing" with Col3trane


We have been slacking on listening to both of these artists, but wow, that is not a mistake we will not make ever again. This is a dream collaboration, two magnificently talented and unique artists joining forces to make something new and wonderful. Isn't that what it's all about?


"Perfect Timing" is everything it claims to be and more. Listen here, and give some love to FKJ and Col3trane!



Listen on all platforms right here!
FKJ Essentials Playlist - http://smarturl.it/FKJSpotifyPlaylist

Dear Rouge - Live Through The Night

 We can't get enough of this big fat tune from the wonderful Dear Rouge. It's a bass heavy banger with some excellent vocal mastery, and it's catchy as hell. Don't miss out on this one!


Deutsch Duke "Harder Without You" 

 This one was released a lil while back, but it's far from losing steam if you ask us. "Harder Without You" is enough to turn any casual passerby into a keen listener and a hypnotized dance monster.

It's an infectious groove and we promise you're gonna love it. Enjoy: