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Wow. Check this out: Vladimir Cauchemar - Aulos (Official Music Video)

 When Ed Banger Records tell us something is worth checking out, we check it out.

Often, it's seriously bizarre, like this new one from Vladimir Cauchemar, but it's always amazing. And "Aulos" is no exception. The video is nuts, and totally awesome, but it's the music here that stays the focus. You're gonna be really happy you pressed play and enjoyed the recorder playing dance music genius known as Vladimir Cauchemar.

Vladimir Cauchemar - Aulos - available here :


Busy P ft. Mayer Hawthorne: 'Genie' (KDA remix)

Busy P is a true impresario, with a storied career spanning decades spent managing Daft Punk, running Ed Banger records and releasing his own music.  The man also known as Pedro Winter has gone beyond simply bringing dance music to new audiences, he's a big part of building that audience worldwide.  He's just recently released his latest single 'Genie', with the inimitable voice of Mayer Hawthorne front and centre.  Today we've got the KDA remix of 'Genie', listen below and get it here along with KDA's dub mix.

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Mr. Oizo: 'Hand In The Fire' EP

Mr. Oizo's new EP on Ed Banger Records is pretty unexpected.  It begins with the title track, the anthem 'Hand In The Fire' with Charli XCX on the vocals.  A catchy jam, that we don't usually associate with Mr. Oizo's wild productions.  With 'Being Flat' we got more of what we're used to; highly creative weirdness.  That trend continues with 'A Rekurd' and the EP returns full circle with the instrumental version of 'Hand In The Fire'.  Get yours here


Boston Bun "Pleasure"

Check out this dope new tune from Ed Banger artist Boston Bun!  It's a super fun french techno jam that has us up and moving right away.  We think you'll love it, and while you're at it check out another amazing track from him, "Levitate" here!


Boston Bun's beautiful remix of Fusion Groove Orchestra "If Only I Could"

Boston Bun comes with a classic house vibe on this new remix out on Ed Banger.