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Boys Noize "Freesiri"

Boys Noize's holiday single 'Freesiri' is like nothing else we've heard from him, but that's the common thread in Alex Ridha's career.  This is one unpredictable artist.  His roots may lie in the world of techno, and though he will touch on them in nearly every song he makes his catalog is an exploration of all points found outside the influential genre.  'Freesiri' is a highly engaging track, playing more like a piece of an electronic symphony than your average banger of a single these days.  It's in that ability to do so much, and with such flair that we find Boys Noize's true genius. 


Henry Riton's "Sexy Back Rerub"

 This is a now classic reimagining of Timberlake and Timberland's massive hit 'Sexy Back'. Riton is always an incredible remixer and one of our favorite producers.  In our opinion this remix is better than the original and we sure don't say that very often.  Enjoy!  It's a free download.



Get Midland's Boards of Canada Remix here! Free!

A few years ago, Midland put this wonderful remix on his FACT mix, and of course everyone went crazy.  We all wanted it, and even if you didn't hear it, now you want it too.  Well, it's everyone's lucky day, because he finally dropped it, and it's a free download for all.  This remix is a downtempto intricate creation that has our heads nodding and our ears rejoicing.  Thank you Midland.  Thank you.


This is a must: Junia T "Eye See You" Mixtape

Toronto's Junia-T has been a name to watch for as long as we can remember.  From Smash Brovaz, to being the Rap City Freestyle Champion to working with some of the cities finest artists in hip hop, Junia-T has put established himself on the map in Toronto.  With the release of 'Eye See You' it will find his music in heavier rotation all over the world, those in the know will be sharing these meticulously crafted tracks and the most exciting part is to think of those about to discover Junia-T through this project.  


Amp Live "Penny Nickel Dime" (Minnesota Remix) Free dl!

Get yourself a free download of this extra glitched out and super fun remix of "Penny Nickel Dime" by super producer Amp Live (of Zion I and a million other things) remixed by the elusive Minnesota!  You'll love this!

Headphone Concerto LP now available.