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It's Here! Migos release 'Culture'!

Raindrop... Drop top... You've heard that enough times by now.  Even if you're not clear on 'Bad & Boujee' being THE tune right now, you probably heard Donald Glover shout out the Atlanta trio in his acceptance speech for best TV show at the Golden Gloves for 'Atlanta'.  The point is that 'Bad & Boujee' is pervasive, unforgettable, and way too much fun.  It comes from the album 'Culture' that was just released today.  Remember that, January 27th 2017, a monumental occasion in the career of one of the biggest, most vital groups in modern music.

Get 'Culture' here!



Childish Gambino: 'Redbone' 

Today Childish Gambino released another big track from his upcoming album 'Awaken, My Love!'.  The album is due December 2nd, and the release followed 'Me and Your Mama'.  Both tracks are not quite like any previous Gambino releases, making it seem like 'Awaken, My Love!' will be an instant classic. 

Preorder the album!


Childish Gambino: 'Me and Your Mama' from 'Awaken, My Love!'

Today Donald Glover showed the world he really cannot be stopped.  Following the success of his new TV series 'Atlanta' with the announcement of his new album is the sort of move that few can make.  Rumour has it that the album art from 'Awaken, My Love!' made an appearance on the show.  'Me and Your Mama' is the single, released today from the album coming December 2nd on Glassnote Entertainment.  Preorder it now


S-X & Childish Gambino "Free At Last"

UK producer S-X has dropped his collab with Childish Gambino, that was allegedly supposed to come out last year and he was sick of waiting on.  Turns out, it's absolutely huge.  Both S-X and Donald Glover put forth something great and they make a truly impressive team.  Let's hope there's more coming from them.