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Wes Montgomery "Bumpin' On Sunset" 

We just cannot get enough of Wes Montgomery's 1965 smash hit 'Bumpin On Sunset' from Verve Records.  Throughout our many recent listens of this jazz guitar masterpiece, we realized we know nothing about Wes Montgomery.  Of course, we fixed that, and present to you a quick four part NPR documentary that we found.  It's a fascinating story, and if you're a music lover like we are, you should check it:


Watch the trailer for Bronx 79!

As hip hop fans, we should all do this artform we love so much a solid and learn the history, know the foundation, and pay respect to those who pioneered this culture that we hold so dearly.  Bronx 79 is clearly going to be an excellent portrayal of what really went down back in the day, and we should all be in the know.


Kurt Cobain "Montage of Heck" Trailer

This is going to be incredible.  Check out the trailer for what is sure to be one of the best music docs in a while.


Mr. Wonderful: The Documentary

As the release of "Mr. Wonderful" approaches Action Bronson has just delivered a short documentary.  This short film outlines the impact that Bronson has on his audience.  Watch this, you won't believe it unless you see it, and get the album next week!


Moments in Rhymesayers

If you're at work and checking out early on this fine evening, might we suggest you tune in to these very cool videos celebrating the 20th anniversary of Rhymesayers Entertainment. You will love this story.

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