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DJ Sliink, Skrillex & Wale: 'Saint Laurent'

DJ Sliink is one of the recent signings to OWSLA.  The label has been irreverently led by Skrillex, and this single is one of the cooler, more unique tracks we've heard in a while.  The label founder joins the New Jersey producer, and Wale takes to the mic for one of the most unpredictable collabs of the sumer.  This one follows Skrillex releasing 'Would You Ever' with Poo Bear, and rumour has it there's another track coming with Vindata.

Listen below!


"Heartbroken 2017" - DJ Jayhood x Nadus x Dj Sliink x Adolf Joker


It's 2017 and this group of creative legends have joined forces to re-remix one of our favorite jams of all time. Check it:



DIPLO x Sleepy Tom 'Be Right There' Remixed by DJ Papi & DJ Sliink!

With this one Papi and Sliink twist up one of the bigger anthems in dance music lately, and push the Jersey club sound into the future.  'Be Right There' is the single from Diplo and Sleepy Tom, it's already had remixes from several of today's innovators, but none so adventurous as Papi and Sliink.  Within this you can hear the Jersey scene, and it's countless artists pushing each other to new creative heights, and blessing their listeners with new, wildly inventive sounds all the time... 


Nadus: 'Broke City' Deluxe Edition

We started 2015 hearing Nadus perform live for the first time.  The facts are clear, this is not your average musician.  'Broke City' was the first major release from him, on Pelican Fly and now it's returned in it's new, ultimate form.  'Broke City' is Nadus' way of paying homage to his city, and to bring the energy of Newark to the world.  This deluxe edition comes with a no drums remix of 'Sharpe James', the tribute to the somewhat controversial former mayor, as well as 2 new tracks as well as 5 remixes of the original tracks.  Gutta, DJ Sliink and Noah Breakfast are just a few of the artists reworking these brilliant tracks.

Make no mistake, this album possesses a creativity and vitality you cannot find from most artists.  Nadus is a brilliant, creative artist who's work is an inspiration to us, and to people all over the world.  Get your hands on the deluxe edition of 'Broke City' now!


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The Jersey club king is always pushing boundaries, and always blowing minds with his insane approach to mixing.  NO ONE does it like this guy. He's the best.