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DJ Melo - Words (Jon Kwest Remix)

Within seconds of pressing play on Jon Kwest's remix of  'Words' we started to daydream.  The rhythm, the horns and the vocals had us reminiscing on the subject of hazy nights on tropical beaches.  The track sounds like it could be a classic, from the early days of moombahton but it's brand new, and embraces a classic house sound at the same time.  Melo has outdone himself with 'Words' and Jon Kwest's remix is simply brilliant.


Misun - Hills & Trails (Kingman Fire Remix)

DJ Melo and Pickster One make up Kingman Fire, and together they continue to make some of the most exciting moombahton (and everything else) electronic music we've heard in a while.  This remix of Misun is nothing short of HUGE, and we hope you listen:


New Music from DJ Melo: The Dark Cavern

Arizona's DJ Melo has long been an exciting player in the worldwide dance music scene.  We caught on to his music in the early days of moombahton, and now we're all over his latest release.  'The Dark Cavern' is a 10 track exploration of sounds that expand on what we've known and loved about Melo.  There are a ton of rave influences, both classic and cutting edge, and there's simply no holding him to one tempo or genre.  'The Dark Cavern' is an enticing adventure laced with unexpectedly beautiful music.  Get to know Melo!


DJ Melo: The Collaborations EP

DJ Melo's 'Collaborations' EP is out now!  Released this week on Think 2wice Records, the EP includes collaborations with some of our favourite artists in the world of moombahton.  Boyfriend, Riot Earp, and Disgraceland all team up with Melo on this one, and the results are so dope.  Get into it!



DJ Melo + Disgraceland: Gossip

Disgraceland and DJ Melo have linked up for the track 'Gossip'.  It's from the DJ Melo collaborations album coming December 3rd on Think 2wice.  It features the man himself, Disgraceland, Riot Earp, and Boyfriend.  This is sure to be one of the most amazing moombahton collections out this year.  We've been big fans of all the artists involved and Think 2wice as long as we can remember.