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Death Cab For Cutie: 'Northern Lights' BT Remix


Death Cab For Cutie bring you a BT remix of their single 'Northern Lights'.  It celebrates one of the greatest tracks from their impressive ninth studio album Thank You For Today.  The band is on tour this fall and winter, and their seemingly endless catalogue makes for unbelievable live shows. This remix puts two acts at the top of their respective game, coming from different worlds and making something brilliant.  Take a listen to BT's remix of 'Northern Lights' below, and get Thank You For Today here.  



Julien Baker Is Amazing - NPR Tiny Desk Concert & More!

 After dozens upon dozens of recommendations, we had to sit down and focus on Julien Baker's music - and she is by all means as great as everyone keeps saying and then some. And so, we've collected some pretty cool pieces of her wonderful music to share with you. You're gonna love it.


30 Days 30 Songs: Artists For A Trump-Free America

Death Cab For Cutie have released a new single entitled 'Million Dollar Loan'.  This track explores a bizarre moment in Donald Trump's campaign where he falsely announced he'd made his fortune with a simple loan of a million dollars from his father.  This track comes from a new effort called Artists for a Trump-free America and is produced by the same people that brought you '90 Days, 90 Reasons', the campaign to re-elect Barack Obama for a second term.  Each day from now until election day a new track will be released.  Along with the music this campaign includes a great deal of information on how and where to vote and more.

Watch for a new track everyday at 12 pm PST

check out 30days30songs.com


New acts added for Canadian Music Week!

And oh yes, as usual, there are lots of greats!  Check em out below and click the lineup to buy wristbands!


Death Cab For Cutie: Transatlanticism 10th Anniversary

Today marks the 10th anniversary of the release of Death Cab For Cutie's album 'Transatlanticism'.  Barsuk Records is re-releasing the album on vinyl after several years out of print.  Along with it the label is including the demos of the brilliant songs that make up the album that put Death Cab For Cutie on the map for a lot of us.  The Transatlanticism Demos are available paired with the mp3's included with the vinyl, or on iTunes on it's own.  This is a record that lives up to the hype, and whether you're getting reacquainted or hearing it for the first time today is a perfect day to listen. iTunes: Transatlanticism|Transatlanticism Demos