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VIDEO: Giraffage 'Maybes'

Too Real is the new album from Giraffage, and it's definitely worth your attention.  The new video for 'Maybes' with Japanese Breakfast employs a concept that director Jon Ryan had been developing for a while, and perfectly fit the lyrics to this song.  This is definitely a bold, original idea for a video and one that matches the unpredictable and inspiring sound of Giraffage nicely.  Get Too Real here!


Giraffage Releases 'Too Real' on Counter Records

Counter Records brings you the latest from Giraffage.  The EP was announced with 'Slowly', and now you can get into 'Maybes' as well.  The track manages to be laidback and upbeat at the same time, partly thanks to the collaboration with Japanese Breakfast on this one.  You can listen to the EP below and get it here!


Giraffage Announces 'Too Real' 

Giraffage just released the unbelievable new song 'Slowly', and with it the announcement of his new album.  Too Real will be released October 20th on Counter Records, and will see the innovative producer exploring bold new territory much like on 'Slowly' where he makes an electronic pop hit but where the vocals defy the concept of lyrics.  Yet it remains incredibly catchy.

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Conner Youngblood & Nylo: 'Everyday'

2016 was a big one for Conner Youngblood, signing with Counter Records (part of Ninjatune) and releasing 'The Generation Of Lift' EP to retailer for the first time.  2017 begins with the release of 'Everyday' a new song with Nylo, a collaboration that took a few months to complete.  It began with a session that left the music and lyrics incomplete.  It was finished months later in Dallas, and is quite a departure from what you usually hear from Conner Youngblood and Nylo respectively. 

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Conner Youngblood:

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Laurel: 'Maybe, Baby' 

Laurel has just released her single 'Maybe, Baby' the first glimpse at her new record.  'Park' is the new EP, coming November 18th on Counter Records.  The title refers to her home where the music was written, and represents a bit of a change from 'Holy Water' and it's electronic sounds.  'Park' sees a Laurel picking the guitar back up and embracing folk and alternative sounds.  'Park' will be followed by her full length debut album coming sometime in the spring...

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