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Hundred Waters: 'Wave To Anchor' 

Hundred Waters have just released the brilliant new video for their song 'Wave To Anchor'.  It comes from Communicating, the latest album from the band.  Since it's release it's made quite an impression, including a stunning show at the Great Hall in Toronto in the fall.  This video was filmed on location in Bulgaria, putting Nicole Miglis in the midst of incredibly talented local dancers.  It was directed by Allie Avital who has previously worked with Chairlift and Moses Sumney.  The beautiful cinematography captures the setting, the people and animals who live there, and the enigmatic vocalist perfectly.  We could watch this again and again...

There's somethin magic about it.

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'Everything' Live in the Studio with Hundred Waters

Hundred Waters have been releasing new music with a frequency that makes it hard to keep up.  It truly feels that way because their music seems hard to fully comprehend no matter how many times, or how close you've listened.  Their Currency EP has been out for about a month, and was followed by the new single 'Blanket Me' that comes from their upcoming album Communicating.  This morning we're excited to share an unexpected video from the studio.  The band performs 'Everything' from Currency, and it really lives up to the title when experienced from this perspective.

Listen to Currency and 'Blanket Me' 


Hundred Waters: 'Blanket Me'

'Blanket Me' is the latest release from Hundred Waters.  It follows the release of the Currency EP, and performances at FORM Arcosanti.  As they complete the work on their new album 'Communicating', it's release has been announced for September.  Much like Currency, the album art for 'Blanket Me' is quite unique.  That image much like the song feels like they are drawing you in to something much bigger than just an album.  We can't wait.  Listen below, and take in the beautiful, hand written lyrics.