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Com Truise: 'Kontex'


The new single from Com Truise is part of the Adult Swim Singles series.  It's his first new music since the release of the 2017 album Iteration and it's been well worth the wait.  It's the 14th release in this edition of the series, and the accompanying animation is fascinating.  This track paves the way for more new music from Com Truise in 2019.


Tune in to Com Truise's Sci-Fi video for 'Subsonic'

'Subsonic' comes from the beautiful Ghostly release 'Wave 1' by Com Truise.  The 7 songs on the EP play well together with the vibe of the score to a science fiction film, and the video fits very nicely within that world.  The clip looks like it could be the on screen display for an engineer working with Admiral Ackbar, or even further into the great beyond.  Com Truise has always had an edge leaning towards the 80's, and the inclusion of the science fiction feel is right at home here.  Get 'Wave 1' on iTunes.



Preview: Com Truise LIVE at Fortune Sound club Vancouver 

Com Truise has been turning heads all over with his Wave 1 tour.  As the early months of 2014 make way for a series of raved about shows, a Vancouver appearance is on the horizon.  Monday, February 24th will see the Ghostly artist take the stage at the famed Fortune Sound Club.  Com Truise is frequently associated with the term 'synth-wave', something of a newer genre with a vintage sound.  Com Truise creates astounding music that sounds like funk, only played in slow motion.  

Com Truise is a musical alter ego of the multi-talented Seth Haley.  After working as an art director and making music and djing on the side, Haley tendered his resignation just prior to releasing the first Com Truise EP.  It wasn't his first music pseudonym, but the flip on the famous actors name and the sounds it came with certainly caught on.  'Wave 1' is the latest release from Com Truise, brand new this week it features the single 'Declination' with Joel Ford.  Get your tickets here!



The Knocks remixed by Com Truise Remix! (Stream)

Awesome remix of a great tune from The Knocks.  Com Truise seems to make something great every time he comes out, enjoy this one!



ZZ Ward and Freddie Gibbs have this tune called 'Criminal'.  Now there's this remix by Com Truise.  Amazing

ZZ Ward - Criminal ft. Freddie Gibbs (Com Truise Remix) by Com Truise


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