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Classic of the day: De La Soul - Ego Trippin Part 2

One of those tracks that just has it all, Ego Trippin Part 2 comes from the near perfect lp "Buhloone Mindstate" and will never ever ever get old.


Classic of the day: Big Daddy Kane "Mr. Welfare"

From the 1989 album "It's A Big Daddy Thing", which is jam packed full of great tracks, "Mr. Welfare" is an often overlooked but perfect look at the brilliant Big Daddy Kane.  


Classic of the day: Erick Sermon & Keith Murray "Hostile"

From Erick Sermon's debut solo album 'No Pressure', this is one of the first tunes Keith Murray blessed with his razor sharp lyrics.  Back in 1993, rap was different!  Long live Keith Murray!


Classic of the day: DJ Qbert "Sneak Attack"

The legendary DJ Qbert and his incredibly brilliant album Wave Twisters changed history.  Some of the finest, most melodic and technically insane turntablism, accompanied with a fascinating storyline and eventually animated by a team of genius minds.  Anyways, watch the single "Sneak Attack" here:


Classic of the day: Jurassic 5 "A Day At The Races" with Big Daddy Kane & Percee P

One of our favorite tunes from Jurassic 5, the brilliant production team of Cut Chemist and DJ Nu Mark composed the perfect uptempo beat for the four j5 mcs and the legends Big Daddy Kane and Percee P.  This track is pretty much perfect.  Check it: