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Classic of the day: Afu Ra "Whirlwind Thru Cities"

Afu Ra.  DJ Premier.  Perfect.  Released in 1998, this tune blew all of our minds and cemented place for Afu Ra in the history of hip  hop.  


Classic of the day: RZA & GZA "Third World" prod. DJ Muggs

 Coming from the now classic DJ Muggs 'Soul Assassins' album that featured everyone who seemed to matter in rap at the time.  The album had tunes from Goodie Mob, Dr. Dre & B Real, Mobb Deep, KRS One and so many more.  Most importantly it featured this RZA & GZA tune that sounds like it could have easily been a 36 Chambers b side.  'Third World' is a two parter, both the intro and the track itself being massively huge beats, and both MCs doing what they do best on the mic.  Enjoy.


Classic of the day: Miike Snow "Animal"

Be yourselves this year.  Be beautiful.  Work hard. Get out there.  You're amazing.


Classic of the day: K-Ci & JoJo "Life"

From the 1999 soundtrack for LIFE and the album "It's Real".  We will never ever get sick of this tune.


Classic of the day: The Soul Searchers "Blow Your Whistle"

The Washington, DC masters of Go Go, Chuck Brown and The Soul Searchers. We were reminded of their greatness on episode two of Dave Grohl and the Foo Fighters 'Sonic Highways' and have kept them on heavy rotation since.  This is classic funk, pure breakdancing music, and we will love it forever. This jam is on the Salt Of The Earth LP which came out in 1974.  Hitup your local record shop and start diggin!  You will never ever regret buying this record.