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Carl Cox - Dark Alleys (Carl Cox Pure Mix) [Circus Recordings]


Circus 15 is on the way and this epic tune from Carl Cox has out interest peaked. This compilation is definitely stacked with exceptional electronic music but for now, start your day with this remix of "Dark Alleys" - It's seriously so awesome.



Cookie Monsta and Funtcase: Atom Bomb

Cookie Monsta and Funtcase's 'Atom Bomb' is one of the 25 tracks making up Circus Two.  The compilation is due May 13th, and includes a dj mix by the two artists on this track.  It features music by the huge Circus family.  This should not go unnoticed.

Pre-Sale Link - bit.ly/12UgoDX

Cookie Facebook: on.fb.me/Xinw6m
Cookie Twitter: on.fb.me/Xinw6m
Cookie Monsta on SoundCloud: bit.ly/10Enq0Y

FuntCase Facebook: on.fb.me/XYfPCZ
FuntCase Twitter:bit.ly/WcrB2y
FuntCase on SoundCloud: bit.ly/XziUzA

Buy Tickets to the US Launch Party: bit.ly/XIqRAv
Buy Tickets to the UK Launch Party: bit.ly/XWMFI