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Christian Rich & Yoshi Flower: 'in the morning'


Christian Rich team up with Yoshi Flower for a new song about love in all it's aspects.  'in the morning' comes ahead of the release of 'Ghost II' the rework of one of their signature tunes.  This duo have been leaving an undeniable track record of innovative tracks and unexpected collaborations and thankfully that doesn't seem to be stopping any time soon.  Check out 'in the morning' below and listen to more from Christian Rich here







Christian Rich ft. Denai Moore: "Good Things"

Christian Rich have been releasing dope tunes for a while, and with this new release announce their new label Saint Mary.  Denai Moore is the vocalist on "Good Things", an uplifting, soulful house track with a bittersweet side.  Not only is "Good Things" one of the dopest new tracks we've heard in a while, but the development of Saint Mary is an exciting project. 



Geotheory: 'Futuristic Love' (Christian Rich remix)

Christian Rich continue to surprise us with bold new music, even as we're awaiting the release of their album 'FW14'.  The record comes out August 21st, and they've decided to release their remix of Geotheory's 'Futuristic Love' leading up to the full length.  The tune shows their incredible production prowess, but at a close listen there's more than you'll initially notice.  It seems like we're listening to incredible producers that are also wildly talented musicians.  Christian Rich craft this remix with a sense of nuance and of creating beautiful moments that last only a second.  There's an element of swing in the percussion that has us unable to ditch the notion that this is electronic music played by some of the world's greatest jazz musicians.  

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Christian Rich ft. Sinead Harnett, Goldlink and Secaina Hudson: 'Compromise'


Christian Rich have released 'Compromise', the second single from their upcoming album 'FW14'.  It's due in late August, and it's sure to establish the highly respected producers as identifiable artists in their own right.  This time they bring along Sinead Harnett, Goldlink and Secaina Hudson, making for a wonderful collaboration, and making us wonder who else we'll find on the album when it's released. 



Christian Rich ft. JMSN: "Fast Life"


Christian Rich are preparing to release their debut album in August, and "FW14" already appears to be one of the most exciting albums of the year.  They've already released a single with Vince Staples, and now "Fast Life" featuring JMSN is out there.  The album comes after acclaimed releases they've produced for artists like Drake, J. Cole and Childish Gambino.  They are delving deep into their fascination with the future, time travel, and worlds outside ours.  It takes the main character, pictured on the cover, on a journey she narrates throughout the albums interludes.  iTunes