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Indie88 Presents THE OC Covering Their Tracks AUG 2 at THE HORSESHOE


 So this is happening! A GIGANTIC cast of incredible musicians are joining forces with Indie88 to cover the dozens of tracks we loved from the seminal televison dramedy The OC. So many of our favorites are involved with this from Lou Canon to Kirty and Matt from Fast Romantics, Rich Aucoin, Spencer Burton and SO many more! AND! It's for an amazing cause! Check out the info and a few vids of tunes we hope to see live!


THE OC: Covering Their Tracks
featuring “The Bait Shop Backing Band”
presented by Indie88
August 2, 2017
The Horseshoe Tavern, Toronto
Tickets: $15/advance or $20/door





Dave Nada! The Master of Moombahton is BACK!

 Not that he ever left, but the man himself is back on a strictly moombah tour, with proceeds from each show going to a well deserving local charity.

We had the good fortune of interviewing Dave a few years ago in Toronto. As one half of Nadastrom and on his own, he has been one of our favorite DJs and producers for a lot of years - and if you're one of those people who think seeing a DJ live is boring, go see Dave Nada, and let him prove you wrong.


– 3/2 @ Cobra Arcade Bar – Body Talk w/ Pickster & Melo (Phoenix, AZ)
“Sounds Academy” – Music school for underserved youth.

– 3/3 @ Ace Hotel – Sweet II Bad (Los Angeles, CA) DAY
“SRO Housing” – Housing for homeless and low-income in Skid Row.

– 3/3 @ Bruno’s w/ Sazon Libre (San Francisco, CA) NIGHT
“Causa Justa” – Equal rights for people of color, immigrants, and women.

– 3/11 @ Hi-Tones w/ Bruk Out! (San Antonio, TX)
“Martinez Street Women’s Center” – Health services, education and advocacy.

– 3/16 @ Indian Roller w/ Bruk Out! (Austin, TX)
“Grassroots Leadership” – Fighting prison profiteering, mass incarceration, and deportation.

– 3/17 @ The North Door / Peligrosa House (Austin, TX)
“Las Latinas” – Empowering young latinas using media and technology.

– 3/19 @ Irene’s (Austin, TX)
“American Youthworks” – Empowering youth through education, job training, and community services.

– 3/21 @ Plugged In x La Clinica w/ JSTJR (Miami, FL)
“ACLU of Florida” – American Civil Liberties Union of Florida.

– 3/24 @ Dream – Jungle Fever (Miami, FL)
“ACLU of Florida” – American Civil Liberties Union of Florida.

– 3/25 @ Churchill’s Pub – Winter Bass Conference w/ Otto Von Schirach (Miami, FL)
“ACLU of Florida” – American Civil Liberties Union of Florida.

– 4/3 @ Velvet Lounge – Moombahton Mondays: Soulove Edition w/ Jon Kwest (Wash, DC)
Planned Parenthood DC – Reproductive health services.



Marshawn Lynch Kicks Ball Into Space

 In case you missed this one, watch the one and only Beast Mode go full force at a charity kickball tournament.  As if we needed more reasons to love this guy, the Seahawks superstar running back and fantasy football monster is both super competitive and super charitable off the field.  A true champion.


Yesah: The Accessory Company That Is Feeding The Hungry

The Tennessee based company known as Yesah has a very impressive collection of accessories.  They range from a line of beaded bracelets, to wooden watches and tie / cuff link sets.  Their incredible designs aren't the only thing that sets them apart from the rest.  They're also dedicated to continual donations to organizations that provide food for hungry children all over the world.  Check out their line here, and learn more about their donations here.



The Miracle Movement: This Is Only The Beginning


Early in December we embarked upon a holiday mission that was unlike anything we'd done before.  With the help of our friends, the crew behind the Miracle Movement raised enough money to create care packages for the homeless and make a substantial donation to Plan Canada.  This wouldn't be possible without the 20 people who donate, and the people who inspired it.  One of the people was a man named Stan, who you may already have met in the streets of Toronto.  He was greeted with his care package, and told that he wasn't the only one who got one, and was surprised to learn he was partly responsible for inspiring this movement. 

The care packages consisted of hats, gloves, scarves, and socks, trail mix, granola bars, juice, water, a rain poncho, a first aid kit, tooth brush, and tooth paste.  We walked down Queen Street West amongst people shopping and stopped when we saw people in need, telling them we had a Christmas gift for them.

Only we didn't know it was them until that moment...

Our Plan Canada donations provided:

-5 Bed Nets, to protect from Malaria

-5 Birth Certificates, something that every year 51 million children go without

-5 Girls Take Home Rations, supporting a program that provides education and food for young girls

-School Essentials for an Entire Classroom

Plan Canada matches these donations, totalling $550 to the tune of almost $4000.  Get more information.


To raise money for the Miracle Movement, Fingers on Blast co-founder Scott Mitchell aka dj yahohyah (as in yeah, oh yeah) donated the his fee for his set at the Ballroom in Toronto on December 21st, 2014.  You can stream or download the set, and a very special thank you and Merry Christmas to those who contributed: Maria Beal, William Briggs, Melissa Brubacher, Julian Della Vedova, Thomas Fowlston, Jim Greenbeck, Craig Hope, Sarah Jarrell, Joyce Kwan, Aryme Massad, Carol Mitchell, Maria Newman, Laura Nelligan, Eric Ocampo, Vanessa Orford, Monica Orwat-Czernik, Grace Oullette, and Josh Pitt.  A special thank you to Pina Beal, and Andrew Mitchell, this idea would never have gotten started without them.

We started this idea with the idea that people aren't always that good at taking care of each other.  We look at this update as a joyful reminder that we're all in this together, and things can only get better!  

This is only the beginning.