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Cat Power and Lana Del Rey join forces for "Woman"

We really can't say a lot about this, aside from it's just instantly amazing, incredible, wonderful music. An instant classic, a dream team if there ever was one. Enjoy:

"Woman (feat. Lana Del Rey)" features on ‘Wanderer’, the new album from Cat Power, out 5th October on Domino Record Co.

Pre-order now: http://www.catpowermusic.com

Stream "Woman": http://smarturl.it/CatPowerWoman

Pre-order from Domino with exclusive 7”: http://smarturl.it/WandererLP

Pre-order from your local indie retailer: http://smarturl.it/WandererIndies

Pre-order digital: http://smarturl.it/WandererDL

Pre-save stream: http://smarturl.it/CatPowerSave


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Cassius ft. Cat Power: 'Feel Like Me'

Cassius have released the single 'Feel Like Me' ft. Cat Power.  It's from their upcoming album 'Ibifornia', titled for a fictional place, utopian in nature.  The song came about as the result of collaboration on the Cat Power album 'Sun', and in the process showing her the classic Cassius track 'I <3 U So'.  The idea was sparked to have the legendary Chan Marshall sing on a track much like it, and the result is 'Feel Like Me'.

Preorder 'Ibifornia' here


Cassius Announce New Album 'Ibifornia'

Cassius surprised the world with their return on the new single 'Action' with Mike D, and Cat Power.  Today they've announced that it is part of an unexpected new album.  'Ibifornia' is a collaborative effort with both artists from 'Action' appearing on multiple tracks as well as guest appearances from Jaw, Ryan Tedder, John Gourley of Portugal The Man, and Pharrell.  The record began with the title, 'Ibifornia' is a fictional utopia.  Preorder 'Ibifornia' now


VIDEO: Cassius ft. Cat Power & Mike D 'Action'

Cassius bring you a timeless groove in the middle of their highly creative single 'Action'.  The track is a collab with Cat Power, and Mike D of the legendary Beastie Boys.  The video is an out of this world, one of a kind adventure that sees the French duo leaving the reality that most of us know through a photobooth, only to land in a place called 'Ibifornia'... iTunes