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New From Bridge: 'Lost My Mind'

'Lost My Mind' is the latest from Bridge, that cool, versatile, soul singer from Los Angeles.  Bridge is gearing up to release his debut album in December, and the stream of new music continues to arrive and seems to get better somehow with every track.  The album will be entitled WRECK, to represent a motorcycle accident that changed his life and led to significant musical growth.  Listen to 'Lost My Mind' below and hear more here!


Sunken Bridge surrounding Fort de Roovere 


The Chunhua Footbridge in Shenzen, China

Based on the design of an abstract flower, this footbridge spans four corners of a major intersection. The walkway is 14 meters wide and has four staircases, four escalators and two elevators.  Chunhua Footbridge, located at Nanshan and Shennan boulevards, cost about 50 million yuan ( $7.86 million USD ) when it was built quickly to open along with the Shenzhen Universiade last August (2011). Since then it has been criticized as an overpriced lavish design that has apparently not been maintained.  The elevators and escalators haven't been active since the opening of the Universiade and the walkway is often covered with rainwater.  The structure also hold 1000 led lights that go unused to this day.