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Boys Noize: 'Midnight' Remixes + Live in Toronto!

The legend of Boys Noize continues to grow.  One of the most influential producers of our time has just released the incredible collection of 'Midnight' Remixes.  The first on the list comes from Boys Noize's collaborative project Handbraekes with Mr. Oizo, and if that's not enough there's also mixes by Audion and Addison Groove.  You can catch Boys Noize on tour supporting the album 'Mayday' right now!  The tour is hitting the Hoxton in Toronto tomorrow night, and if you've never seen Boys Noize live this is your chance!

Get the 'Midnight' remixes here and tickets for the show Saturday here!


VIDEO: Boys Noize 'Starchild'

POLIÇA's voice echoes across a Boys Noize production, the likes of which we've never heard before.  The tune comes from the upcoming album 'Mayday' and the video is a bizarre adventure.  The record will by out May 20 on Boys Noize Records.  


PLANET ROCK remixed by Boys Noize!

As soon as you hear that ethereal, almost robotic voice, you know where you are.  There's no mistaking 'Planet Rock'.  Afrika Bambaataa and the Soulsonic Force have one of the quinessential early hip hop songs, and now a series of new remixes have appeared.  German producer extraordinaire Boys Noize has arranged the release of the remix EP on his label for Record Store Day, and the music comes from the soundtrack to the documentary '808' examining the power and influence of the Roland TR-808 drum machine.


RYME "Time 2 Bump" remixed by Cosella!

Cosella is definitely on ascending rapidly lately, and it couldn't be happening for a more well deserving and super talented dude.  Keep an eye for him playing shows all over including Hard Summer in Toronto and Digital Dreams!  Not only that, but he just dropped this massive remix of Rynecologist and Meech's RYME project, and it's a free download!


Tiga "Bugatti" (Boys Noize Acid Mix)

Tiga's tune 'Bugatti' gets a brilliant, acid heavy remix from Boys Noize.  Close your eyes and turn it up, this sounds like taking your Bugatti on the Autobahn in the world of a 16 bit video game.  The single is one of the top tunes from 2014, and with this remix coming at the end of the month it's sure to be in heavy rotation well into 2015.  This one is full of the personality that makes Tiga an unforgettable artist.  Get the original on iTunes