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DJDS presents 'I Heard' ft. The Dream & Vory

DJDS have been keepinng the big tunes coming for a while, and now they've got another.  'I Heard' features The Dream and Vory, and it's release came with the announcement of their upcoming album release.  Big Wave More Fire is set for release on Friday, and we can't wait.  This one will include collaborations with Empress Of, Kevin Drew, Vic Mensa, Charlotte Day Wilson, Khalid, Amber Mark, and Charlie Wilson to name a few.  The tracks that have been released so far indicate that DJDS is continuing to create dance music with so much soul that it transcends genre.

Preorder the album here!


'No Pain' DJDS ft. Khalid, Charlie Wilson & Charlotte Day Wilson 

Does it get any better than DJDS? Matt Sukkar directs the video for their latest single, in case you've missed it so far it's called 'No Pain'.  The video is emotive, powerful, and manages to capture more meaningful moments than some award winning movies.  The Los Angeles duo are joined by a trio of vocalists, and it's the sort of unbelievable talent that won't really surprise you when they join DJDS in the studio.  Khalid, and Charlie Wilson have worked with DJDS before, and they're joined by Charlotte Day Wilson for one of the best tracks of the year.  'No Pain' seamlessly weaves the three voices together, and in doing so tells a story in a way that anyone can hear it; that in the end, love is what matters most...


DJDS ft. Empress Of: 'Love' (Lana Del Rey cover)

DJ Dodger Stadium have always done their own thing, establishing a level of unpredictability in their releases, remixes, and now their cover of 'Love', originally by Lana Del Rey.  Samo Sound Boy and Jerome LOL are joined by the unbeliebable vocalist Empress Of, who they also worked with on the song 'Why Don't You Come On' with Khalid.  At times they leave the production bare, allowing Empress Of and the lyrics to really shine.  Throughout the song there's a feeling of gravity, as if you can tell instantly that this music matters more.  Check out more from DJDS and Empress Of and get the single here.


Why Don't You Come On: DJDS ft. Empress Of & Khalid

DJDS is comprised of Samo Soundboy and Jerome LOL, and their latest track is a vibrant collaboration.  'Why Don't You Come On' features Empress Of, and according to the duo the song didn't really come to life until she joined the process.  DJDS has also collaborated with a lengthy list of today's best artists, and that includes Khalid.  While working on his album they decided he needed to join in on 'Why Don't You Come On', take a listen below.  You'll be happy you did.


Myrryrs: 'Violet' from the upcoming debut 'Passenger'

Body High is setting up to release the debut full length album from Myrryrs.  'Passenger' is the story of the unexpected emotional challenges the artist experienced after moving from Nashville to Phoenix, Arizona.  The album is due out December 20th, but this single 'Violet' is available now and it is absolutely stunning.  This record is shaping up to be yet another masterpiece from
Body High...