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PREMIERE! Shuhandz & High Flown present 'Apex'


 Ladies and gentlemen, we could not be more excited to bring to you the world premiere of Shuhandz & High Flown's first official collaboration called 'Apex'. This is an exciting moment for these two exceptionally talented young producers who are clearly influenced by a vast spectrum of things, but have come together on 'Apex' to take a modern slice of electronic music one step further.

'Apex' is both laid back and full of energy, and it's got a downtempo infectious groove that will keep you coming back for more. This is the first track from a four track EP they created together, which is coming soon ... For now - get ready for 'Apex'.


Website: www.shuhandz.com (Shuhandz) www.highflownbeatz.com (High Flown)

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Macrohard - Right On Time Feat. Tae Buddha & Pollimer


 Coming out of South Korea, this tune from Macrohard is a genre crossing smash hit with a ton of bass and catchy enough hook to carry you to next week. Make sure you peep this gem:



Lloyd SB presents "8ths, 16ths / Princess Anna"


 Here's a big fat tune from Lloyd SB, out now on Gobstopper Records. Get ready for a new direction, a new energy, and new feeling. This is futuristic club music for those who love to get lost. Enjoy this right here!





YehMe2 Presents: STMT 2

If you followed YehMe2's 'Beat A Day' challenge, you've had a preview at what music was coming when Steal This Mixtape 2 finally hit.  The creative, challenging initiative showed off the impeccable style, and undeniable skill of YehMe2.  Now we've got the best of that collection of tracks, 28 in total and it's nothing short of incredible. 

According to the man himself, this project was created to sound like YehMe2's music collection on shuffle, only with one catch.  Each track is a YehMe2 remix, and the styles are so varied it's hard to believe that one artist can make it happen so naturally.  STMT 2 includes tracks from Selena, Chance the Rapper, and Tool.  That should give you an idea of what to expect...





Nadus: 26

In the words of Nadus himself, "Some Songs Just Talk To You.."  For his 26th birthday the New Jersey artist released one of the coolest pieces of music we've heard in a long time.  The simple fact is, we weren't ready.  '26' is the type of thing that has never been done before, a cover of Coldplay's 'X & Y' that sounds like the score to the greatest movie you've never seen.  You absolutely have to hear this for yourself, and follow Nadus online! It's his birthday after all.