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Atmosphere presents 'My Best Half'

Over a classic sounding Ant beat, Slug drops some truth about his beloved wife, his best half. Ant lays the keys so beautifully, in a way we all have come to love so much. This is the sound that Atmosphere created and perfected. This is amazing.


Atmosphere - This Lonely Rose feat. Blueprint & Aesop Rock

 This new banger from Atmosphere is nothing short of amazing. Blueprint is one the hook and a massive verse and Aesop Rock rounds the tune out with an instant classic verse. You'll love this.


13 Atmosphere Tracks That Blow Our Minds, Every Time:

Rhymesayers Entertainment celebrated their 20th anniversary recently, here's 13 reasons why we love the hip hop duo Atmosphere who helped start it all!

1. Modern Man's Hustle

2. Guns And Cigarettes

3. Scapegoat

4. Smart Went Crazy

5. Angelface

6. Little Man

7. Vampires

8. If I Was Santa Clause

9. The Loser Wins

10. YGM

11. Sound Is Vibration

12. National Disgrace

13. Always Coming Back Home To You


RIOT FEST TORONTO Announces Full Lineup!


And it is insanity.  Hit up RIOTFEST.org for tickets!


Rhymesayers at SXSW

You can't help but be inspired by these fun loving, hard working, super talented folks.  Happy 20th Anniversary Rhymesayers Entertainment!