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Photo of the day

Artist Jennifer Bolande created billboards showcasing the sights they've been obscuring for years, photographed by Lance Gerber Studio.




Happy Birthday JDILLA!

Artwork by @itsbigmitch of fingersonblast / littlegreenghouls


Photo of the day: Mark Ryden's Snow Yak

Mark Ryden's Snow Yak, see more of his work here and on his Instagram.


The Art & Photos of Loukia Merdanos

In the weird, wild, world we live it feels like everyday there are fewer and fewer things that can bring about a sense of calm.  The above illustration is by Loukia Merdanos, the Ottawa based artist/photographer.  There's a dream-like sense to a great deal of what she does.  It's almost as though gazing at a piece like this will lead you into a daydream.  Her skill and and eye for unique details is also made quite evident through her photography, notably her portraits. 

In a world where art is often reduced to mere 'content' and consumed at lightning speed, Merdanos reminds us that experiencing art should be a contemplative experience.  This work will cause you to pause and look closely, hoping to take in every detail.  These photographs and illustrations are easy to get lost in, and in that regard they're effectively timeless...

See more: loukiamerdanos.com|Instagram|Flickr

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