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Photo of the day: Abstract Rude and Myka 9 aka AYEM RAYDIO!


Abstract Rude and Myka 9 are Ayem Ray-DIO

Two legends of the west coast hip hop scene have been working in secret on a new album.  Ayem Ray-DIO is the name under which Myka 9 and Abstract Rude are recording and releasing new music.  They've let loose the information that the album is coming very soon, and with that knowledge came the first single "Sunshyne".  The second you press play the music is evocative of their home state of California, Biz-One has created a sunny, breezy track for two of the greatest lyricists EVER to style on.  For those of us in the midst of winter, this track will put you quickly into a state of anticipation for summertime, and for the release of their secret LP.  Hint, it's out tomorrow!


Classic of the day: A Team "We Like Breakbeats"

From the epic collection, Fat Jack's "Cater To The DJ 2", this classic tune from Abstract Rude and Aceyalone is definitely one of our all time favorites.  Check it:


NEW Abstract Rude! 'I Lived In A Time'!

The legendary Los Angeles lyricist known as Abstract Rude has a new album on the way, and the tunes we've heard from it are nothing short of astounding.  'I Lived In A Time' is the newest and we can't stop listening to it.  The track has him reminiscing, and reflecting, but very much focused on the future.  The DJ Remode beat is equally emotive and tough as nails, a combo that so many search for but few can find.  Watch for the LP coming soon on Keep The Feel Entertainment.


Epic new track from Abstract Rude: "Kan Of Whoop Ass"

We've had the honour of working with this man for a few years now, and he's always been a legend in our minds.  Abstract Rude has a new album on the way and his first order of business is to drop this tune, which in our opinion is fucking INCREDIBLE.  Kenny Segal on the beats, DJ Drez on the cuts and Abbey Rizzle on the raps.  This is a grand slam.  You must get into this. Project Blowed for EVER!

Stream the clean version of "Kan Of Whoop Ass" here:
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