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Classic of the day: DJ D "Live Long And Prosper" with Abstract Rude & Bukue One

In 2000, DJ D released this now classic record, "The Worker's Union". It features a mindblowing narrative about hard work and being willing to endure from a legendary cast of characters. Over DJ D's spectacular, organic, gritty and beautiful production we were told stories by Aceyalone, Abstract Rude, Bukue One, DK Toon, Awol One and more.
In today's classic of the day, we present to you the gigantic tune "Live Long And Prosper" with Abstract Rude and Bukue One. You're gonna love this.

Other Wize f. Abstract Rude 'Turned Up'

Two west coast legends, over a heavy duty beat with an incredible flute loop, what's not to love about this right here?! Other Wize and Abbey Rizz do the damn thing on this one, you'll love it.


Marc7 (of J5) & Abstract Rude 'Blow In The Breeze'

 Marc7 is known to most hip hop lovers as a big part of the legendary crew Jurassic 5.  His solo album 'Food, Clothing, and Shelter' proves that this is one mc who hasn't lost a step.  On this tune he brings along a special guest, the equally influential west coast hero Abstract Rude.  'Blow In The Breeze' has these two lyricists reflecting on the changing world around them and it's a lesson in letting go of the things we cannot control.  Listen to 'Food, Clothing, and Shelter' in full here.


Photo of the day: Abstract Rude and Myka 9 aka AYEM RAYDIO!


Abstract Rude and Myka 9 are Ayem Ray-DIO

Two legends of the west coast hip hop scene have been working in secret on a new album.  Ayem Ray-DIO is the name under which Myka 9 and Abstract Rude are recording and releasing new music.  They've let loose the information that the album is coming very soon, and with that knowledge came the first single "Sunshyne".  The second you press play the music is evocative of their home state of California, Biz-One has created a sunny, breezy track for two of the greatest lyricists EVER to style on.  For those of us in the midst of winter, this track will put you quickly into a state of anticipation for summertime, and for the release of their secret LP.  Hint, it's out tomorrow!