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Dwele - Wanna Dance Feat. Phife Dawg & Mike City


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From his forthcoming album: Same Book... New Chapter

Also check out Phife's version of "Wanna Dance" at:


'Peace Phife' by Dres The Black Sheep feat Red Alert, Chi Ali, Sadat X

 Here's a very cool tribute to the man Phife Dawg from some of our favorite MC's. Native Tongues fam Chi Ali, Dres The Black Sheep, Sadat X and Red Alert all pay their heartfelt respects to the Trini Gladiator. You're gonna love this:


DJ Jazzy Jeff Doing It For Dilla!

 It's been ten years since we lost the legend J Dilla. Few artists are missed as much as Jay Dee, but his music stays as vibrant and alive as ever.

In this mix, another legend, DJ Jazzy Jeff plays a live set of almost 2 hours of Dilla related classics. Slum Village, The Roots, Common, A Tribe Called Quest, The Pharcyde and so many more. Your head won't stop nodding.

Artwork by Andrew Mitchell


A Tribe Called Red 'Suplex' (Smalltown DJs Remix)


The celebrate the fact that all the tickets for Shambhala have been sold, those kind folks have offered up this free download of Smalltown DJs remix of A Tribe Called Red's gigantic tune 'Suplex'!  Enjoy, and get ready for the Fractal Forest!



Bizarre Tribe : A Quest To The Pharcyde by Amerigo Gazaway (Album Download)

A man who makes mashups for people who don't like mashups, Amerigo Gazaway has done it again.  Last week we posted Fe La Soul, a mash between Fela Kuti and De La Soul, and it was brought to our attention that that's not all.  In fact, two of our favorite hip hop crews of all time have been brought together on this next installment, and it is literally classic on top of classic.  You're gonna like it.